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Tony G

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First off let me go ahead and say i don't want to trade our 2nd rd pick for him. My question is how long will he play if he signs with us? People are saying 2 years. I think that if he has a ton left in the tank. He is what.... 32? He aint a speed demon TE so his age doesn't really concern me about losing speed. He is a great blocker and solid hands and great in the redzone.

I think that he can play for 3 or 4 years atleast. That is plenty of time for us to get to the Superbowl. We are going to be playoff contenders every year now until Ryan leaves or gets injured. Everyone knows Tony wants a ring bad. We are not that far off from getting one. If we get a couple of good starters on D in this draft and maybe sign a FA next year or something then we can EASILY be in the Superbowl.

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The question isn't how long can he play, but how long can he play at a sustained high level throughout the season.

Well i just figured that was a given. Obviously i am not making a thread about how long can he literally play. Thats why i referred to his speed as not a big factor to me. Speed really isn't his game so him getting older and losing a little speed doesn't scare me. Him getting older and getting more injuries is the only thing im worried about, but after having the season he did last year he looks like he can play for a while. And that was after a season of being pretty much the #1 target. In our offense he would get a better balance and keep his legs fresher.

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