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My first post in a falcon forum. here's my full mock of the falcons picks, and i provided my own insights.

There is one trade that I made to complete this draft selection. I traded up to Cincinnati's spot in the 3rd round (70) in exchange for our 3rd (90) and the second of our two picks in the 5th (143) we got from Oakland in the D.Hall trade. It was made to target Chip Vaughn who probably won't last past Oakland in the 3rd round.

We lightened the need at LB with the signing of Mike Peterson, I don't see Darius Butler falling to us nor do I see him as a good scheme fit.

1. (24) - DT - Evander "Ziggy" Hood - Missouri

We passed on Dorsey last year, we grab Ziggy in the first round. He's a really strong one-gap penetrator who can flourish in our defensive scheme. Smitty really values his DTs and outside of Babineaux we really don't have much of a push up the middle. He'll come in and we'll use him as part of our rotation with Babineuax and Trey Lewis coming off an injury, suddenly we got some good depth at DT. Senior, 3 yr starter in the Big 12. (Probably not Ramon Nivar's favourite pick lol, but allow it, it's just a mock)

2. (55) - LB - Darry Beckwith - L.S.U.

We need to pick up a LB at some point and Beckwith gives us a young quality player who can play either WILL or MIKE. Falcons seem to be enamoured with him in pre-draft workouts, there is a buzz about Maualuga in the first round but I don't see him being there when we pick. Beckwith is on the rise. Senior, 3 yr starter in the SEC.

3. (70) (Cin)* - SS - Chip Vaughn - Wake Forest

We trade up to grab our SS of the future. You can't say enough about Vaughn, youtube and watch his highlights you'll fall in love with the play making ability. He can set the tempo of a game with one of his hits, he has excellent speed and range in coverage and he plays the run well. Physical specimen who is still growing into this SS role. Falcons have him on the radar and numerous reports about the interest TD and staff have in him. Senior, 2 yr starter, arrived as a WR.

4. (125) - CB - Cary Harris - U.S.C.

Falcons travelled to S.C. to workout 6 players, Harris was one of them. Very underrated CB who's production was overshadowed by the immense talent coming out of U.S.C.. His skills fit like a glove with our defense, can play man or zone, strong and aggressive, reliable tackler and plays the run well. Can step in and push for starting time and can eventually turn into a starter down the road. Blessing in the fourth round. Senior, 3 yr starter.

5. (138) (St.L) - TE - Anthony Hill - North Carolina St.

Tough, physical and a great in-line blocker. Knows how to get open, has soft reliable hands. Height and weight + soft hands = great redzone threat. Can help Turner in the running game and Ryan in the passing game. Not the long receiving threat, but few TEs are, provides a solid short to intermediate option in our offense. Senior, 3 yr starter.

6. (176) (St.L) - OT - Andrew Gardner - Georgia Tech

We have no depth behind Clabo. Can turn into the swing tackle role Todd Weiner played for us last year. Quality backup role. Good size with large frame, hard worker, smart and he has an excellent motor. Gained 50 lbs since he arrived and started 48 consecutive games, shows you the work ethic and consistency. 4 yr starter in the ACC!

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1) Hood is quickly becoming the most overrated DT this year. He is a 3rd round talent that has been bumped up because of the complete lack of DT talent this year. Mayock gives them a D.....I say a F. You can almost bump every DT down a round except for Jerry and Raji who are the only two DT talents that deserve first round consideration.

2) Beckwith is a good linebacker. I think he can be had in the 3rd though.

3) Love Vaughn, actually all of the Wake Forest guys are good players this draft.

4) Rather have Joe Burnett

5) Not a huge fan of Hills.

5) We have two 5th rounders

6) Andrew will almost be certainly gone by the 6th round.

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