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Arnold will be in Terminator: Salvation, as will Linda Hamilton

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Arnold got nasty for a minute because of years of steroid abuse lending to early onset athersclerosis...he rebounded into very good shape though.

Shoot, a guy that competed and won back in Arnolds bodybuilding hayday....Frank Zane...is still jacked for an older person, mainly because he still works out consistently and didnt abuse steroids back in the 70's and 80's.

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This movies gonna be awesome. Hopefully it will help lead to a 3rd season of the tv show.

According to people "in the know" on the Terminator:TSCC board the decisions at Fox for continuing current shows without guaranteed seasons will be made on May 15th which is before the movie comes out. They should take the new Terminator movie into consideration because no doubt it will generate interest in the tv show.

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Someone posted that interview with the director a few months ago. He said that they used a bodybuilder as a body double and used CGI to put Arnolds face onto the body. Arnold himself will not be in it. Just his likeness.

Arnold himself is going to be in it.

The original plan was to have Arnold's likeness used on a body double, but Arnold himself will be making an appearance in this movie, but he will be the one to be digitally enhanced.

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