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BLOCKBUSTER trade with the chiefs


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imagine if this happened, it would be massive.

It is very possible that by 24 the true value and BPA for us doesn't really work, so i propose this.

We trade the 24th and JA98 to the chiefs for Hali, Dorsey and Gonzo..

Think about it

Gonzo wants out

Dorsey is not a 3-4 NT

Hali is not a 3-4 DE

These guys come in and contribute well, Dorsey is not massive, but will be an amazing addition to our DL rotation, as will Hali.

On top of that the chiefs would love the 24th pick for a tackle or another offensive weapon, plus JA98 is suited to being a 3-4 DE.

It also has to be considered that TD and Pioli are close, and picking the phone up to talk won't be too hard!

I would love this trade, I think JA98 breaks out next year, and I know there are cynics to TG's age and Dorsey's inability to play the nose.

But think about it...


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Lay off the weed dude it makes your sense of realization fall to the single digits on the IQ meter. try fantasising about more important subjects with numbers like 36 24 36 or what ever ..............


with a post like that you have to be questioning whether or not you should be laying off it...

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screw your brain back in.

says the idiot with the most ridiculous collection of sigs.. Sorry to make it personal, but Its not the most unrealistic trade, and we are here to provoke discussion about our team..

Yes 55 and JA for Hali and Gonz is a tidier trade, but is it as much fun.. no.

So lay off.

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