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TheAtlantaFans Falcons Mock Draft


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Round 1: Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech - Great upper- and lower body strength to bullrush linemen into the backfield. Uses his great size to his advantage. Great balance. Overall a great pass rusher. He is willing to learn and we can make him better at run-stopping

Round 2: Chip Vaughn, SS, Wake Forest - He is known for making big time plays at Wake Forest. He is nice when dropping back in coverage and he uses his hard hitting ability to break up passes. He is great when coming up in run support. A nice pick for SS here

Round 3: TJ Lang, OT, Eastern Michigan - He can play every position on the offensive line. He is a hard worker and he is a mauler. He is effective on cut blocks and he is strong enough to pancake his opponent. Has potential and maybe we could make something of him

Round 4: Bradley Fletcher, CB, Iowa - Has a nice combination of size(6'0) and speed(4.47). He uses his hands greatly to come in and break up a pass and he sacrifises himself to avoid a big play. Not a lot of downside to him. Also has great instincts. Could be a steal

Round 5: Sammie Lee Hill, DT, Stillman - He is a late round gem IMO. He is really big and yet very athletic. Played some DE in college which shows his athleticism for his size. He is a great run stuffer and we can also learn him some passrush moves with his athleticism

Round 5: Kenny McKinley, WR, South Carolina - We only have 4 receivers on our roster and we could use another one for depth. McKinley is a playmaker when he has the ball in his hands. Can be a punt-returner with his playmaking abilities. Also has nice hands

Round 6: Ryan Purvis, TE, Boston College - Purvis actually had decent production for a TE when Matty Ice was still at BC, but when Matt left BC his production dropped. He is a great blocker and has sure hands. He is not a vertical threat but a nice 2nd string TE

We have scouted all theese players

Depth Chart

QB: Ryan-Redman-Schockley

RB: Turner-Norwood-Brown

FB: Mughelli-Snelling

TE: Peele-Hartsock-Purvis

WR: White- McKinley

WR: Jenkins-Douglas-Finneran

LT: Baker-Svitek

LG: Blalock-Ojinaka

C: McClure-Romberg

RG: Dahl-Foster

RT: Clabo-Lang

DE: Abraham-Biermann

DT: Lewis-Jefferson

DT: Babineaux-Hill-Moorehead

DE: Johnson/Anderson-Davis

SLB: Peterson-Wire

MLB: Lofton-Gilbert

WLB: Nicholas-James

CB: Houston-Hutchins

CB: Jackson-Fletcher

FS: Coleman-Decoud

SS: Vaughn-Fudge

Offense: We add some much needed depth our offensive line and a great prospect in Lang that we can develop. We also add a future 2nd string TE in Purvis with nice blocking ability and nice hands. We lost Robinson so we get another WR in McKinley who can be our PR and KR and that way we can also involve Norwood and Douglas more in the offense.

Defense: Time to wake up JA98. You may just have been replaced. They will share snaps throughout the year and Johnson will also be used to keep JA55 healthy. We drafted Hill to come in on obvious running situations as our running defense really wasn't good. I don't draft a LB in this draft as I feel safe with our LB core this year. We will draft a future LB in next years draft(Sean Witherspoon perhaps?). We have a nice CB duo IMO in Jackson and Houston and we have great depth there to. Our S duo is great with Vaughn and Coleman. They are both nice in coverage and nice coming up in run support. I think our defense will do great this year with a lot of rotation.

You did it Jaymadd. You have pursuaded me to pick Michael Johnson :lol:

Flame away(Muskosas)

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