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1. DE Michael Johnson- I will take some heat on this pick, but I really think MJ is exactly what we need. Our pass rush was abysmal last season. When Abe went out, we hardly smelled a sack.

Nobody can doubt his potential. People bring up stats, but 9 sacks and 15 TFL is a very good year. He is already working with Chuck Smith and seems to be willing to learn. Abe, Chuck Smith, and Ray Hamilton will make MJ into a beast.

2. SS William Moore- I think it's pretty well known that I think William Moore is the top Safety in this class. We get the steal of the draft here at #55.

3. OT T.J. Lang- Our new Starting RT. He has the versatility to play any position on the Line and will be a great addition to our team.

Trade: Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks

We Give: 4th + 5th

We Get: 4th

4th. CB Kevin Barnes- He has been compared to Asante Samuel. VERY quick to close on the ball and has really improved on his ball skills by collecting 6 picks in just over a season. The best thing about him is that he gets his hands on a BUNCH of balls by using his closing speed and long arms to make plays. I think he starts over Chris Houston if we get him.

5th. DT/NT Myron Pryor- The epitome of what we need at NT. He is BIG, stout, and can really play both the run and pass. I think he is good depth behind Lewis and maybe even a starter.

6th. WR Jaison Williams- Calvin Johnson like Size and Speed. 6'4 237 lbs.... ran a 4.4 at his pro day. I think he could be a late round gem.

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