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Unbelievable photo: Moment before Marie Moore shoots son at shooting range

BY Corky Siemaszko


Updated Thursday, April 9th 2009, 2:13 AM


In an image taken from surveillance video footage, Marie Moore, 44, bottom center, is seen pointing a gun at her 20-year old-son Mitchell.

The horrifying video captures the moment of death for a 20-year-old man at a Florida shooting range - and reveals the executioner was his mother.

"I had to send my son to heaven and myself to ****," killer mom Marie Moore said in suicide notes and in rambling audio recordings that were found later.

Moore, 44, killed herself with the same rented gun she used to murder her son, Mitchell.

Taken Sunday night at the Shoot Straight range in Casselberry, about 10 miles north of Orlando, the first frames of the surveillance video shows Moore and her son taking turns shooting and chatting with other shooters in the adjacent lane.

"They seem to be getting along fine," one of the responding officers said in the police report.

Then, suddenly, Moore creeps up behind her boy and points the gun at the back of his head.

In the next frame, the slain son falls to the ground while a horrified patron yells for help and points in the direction of the unfolding tragedy.

Family members found Moore's audio tapes and three suicide notes late Monday and gave them to police.

In one note, Moore called herself "the anti-Christ."

"I had to save my son," she wrote. "God made me a queen and I failed. I'm a fallen angel. He turned me into the anti-Christ."

In another, Moore insisted, "I'm not sick."

"Hopefully when I die, there will be 1,000 years of peace," she wrote.

Moore's husband, Charles Moore, told cops she had a history of mental illness and tried to kill herself once before.

Shooting range manager Larry Anderson said it requires customers to fill out a form and answer questions such as whether they have ever been convicted of a felony or been declared mentally unstable. He said he had no way to verify the information.

"If someone acts right, we have to assume they are right," he said.

Moore, he said, was "bent on doing it."


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anyone else see this in the news? there is a video out there too, ill see if I can dig it up

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cool thanks. for some reason I cant figure out pics....

When you see a pic you want to post, right click on it and click "copy image location" from the drop down menu. There is a post option icon that has a little photo on it (under the fonts drop down menu) that you can click and past the image location into.

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