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Chip vaughn And Alphonso Smith


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what do u guyz think about getting alphonso smih in the first then go chip vaughn in the second

both are in position of needs we can draft a LB in the third, draft a TE with our forth round pick

and give Tray lewis a shot at DT this Year see how he works out if he doesnt perform well then go DT first round next year

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Wouldn't like it to much myself. Would be cool with Vaughn if he slipped to the 4th. I just don't see CB as a need for us so any Cb in the 1st 4 rounds to me isn't worth it. Im quite happy with Chevis and Houston starting with Hutchins and Grimes as depth.

Vaughn is a safety not a CB

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We have 3 quality players at cb. However we have an unproven NT and a solid UT who plays all three downs. We need to adress those needs before we start looking at other positions.

I'm thinking ziggy hood and sammie lee hill 1st and 4th

Like you I think NT is very high priority

There are 9 CBs on the current roster so they shoud be able to pull from those

K. Moorehead does rotate with Babs at UT, it's more by series than by down. I think they are in pretty good shape there

Back to NT Lewis (323) is unproven and from there it gets iffy quick.

other options are

J Jefferson (295) who did play some last season

T Johnson (305) just signed jan 09

T. Myles (305) signed in 24 Dec 08 and resigned in Jan 09

These three are more sized for UT than NT

So I agree that NT slot is very weak at the present.

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smith is the best cb in the draft in terms of production...by far defensed 40 balls vs some guys like jenkins and davis who only got 16 and 22 i believe for their career. Vanghn is probably the best ss in the draft when it comes to being physical vs the run..he only lacks ball skills, but like smith he gets his hands on a lot of balls. they would definitely compliment each other..hey delaigle, i think chris baker will do the trick at the nt position...u can pick him up in the late rd easily..

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