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Based on the players Atlanta is scouting... I think trading back in the draft is a real Possibility!

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Based on some of the players Atlanta is scouting and where they should fall in the draft, makes me wonder on who would be good trading partners for the 24# pick??? And why would they be a good pick??

Eagles #28 I dont think they would trade up unless a big name OT falls to our spot, or that they are interested in C Alex Mack and have fear that the Ravens will select him. They could trade us the #28 pick, #53 pick, and a fifth rounder......... Chances D-

[b]We would pick #28, #53, #55, #90, and fourth round and use the fifth round (3 Picks) to move up some for a player , one sixth rounder

Giants #29 I think this is a possible spot because the Giants really need a play making receiver and would love to jump a head of the Ravens. They could offer there #29, #45, and #100 pick. we might have to offer them a fifth...... Chances B-

We would have the #29, #45, #55, #90, #100, one fourth, fifth, and sixth

Titans #30 I think this is also a good place to make a trade. The Titans needs are a Receiver, Cornerback, and Linebacker and could jump up before the Ravens (Receiver) or Dolphins (Cornerback) or for a linebacker from USC if one falls...... they could offer the #30 pick, #62, and a fourth Rounder in exchange for our #24 and a late fifth round from us. Chances A-

[b]We would pick #30, #55, #62, #90, and two fourth round picks, two fifths, one sixth

Cardinals #31 This could be a big possibility if the Eagles do not draft a Running back with their #21 pick and Knowshon Moreno or Wells is still on the board. They also could move up to get C Alex Mack. They could trade their #31, #63, and a late round pick. Chances B+

We would pick #31, #55, #63, #90, fourth rounder, two fifths, two 6ths

Patriots # #34 Could TD work some magic with his old Club??? The Patriots might move up because they could land a big time corner to go with a LB or a Big DT etc. they could trade their #34, #58, and #97 for return of our #24 and our fourth Rounder. Chances B+

We would pick Second Round #34, #55, #58, Third Round #90, #97, two fifths and one sixth

Which one looks better, I would personally love to have at least 4 picks in the top 100 players

I like the trades with either the Giants or Patriots to get 5 out of the top 100 picks would be a coup for us

I just think we made that trade with the Rams to either make a few moves up front in the Draft or either TD loves a lot of players in the late rounds.

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i think a trade back is going to happen,..... i can even see us getting out of the 1st round completely.....

Keep your eyes on the Packers....... I can see the Packers throwing 2nd and 3rd (they have two 3rd round picks) pick at us for the 24th pick...... They need a OT.....

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I just think this draft is better in the second, third, and fourth round as far as value. Imagine if you could get a

CB Sean Smith Utah

DT Ron Brace Boston College

LB Marcus Freeman Ohio State or LB Cody Brown UCONN

S Patrick Vaughn Wake Forrest

Add a Defensive End who can rush the passer prospect in the later rounds

Would this make our defense that much better?????????? lol

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