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Whats in your Golf Bag?


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In honor of Masters week, whats in your Golf bag? I carry Wilson ProStaff blades 3-PW and a Titleist sand wedge. Also carry a Callaway Big Bertha HawkEye Driver and an Adams 4-Wood. I carry an off market putter but it does the trick.

What do you guys carry out on the links?

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Callaway X460 driver, cheap fairway woods that I never use, Tommy Armour 845 stripe irons 4-PW, Cleveland S wedge, Tommy Armour L wedge, off-market putter

I swung a hybrid for the first time the other day, and liked it. I was making solid contact with it every time, but hooking it a little. Still, better than trying to hit a 3-iron IMO. I'll probably be purchasing a hybrid in the near future.

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speaking of golf, has anybody ever bought anything from rockbottomgolf.com, they have some really good prices on some of the better known brands, i havent bought anything from the but a couple of my buddies told me about the website.

Never had a problem out of Rock Bottom, and I've bought plenty from them.

As for my WITB, here's what I carry, or carry at times (I rotate clubs to keep 14 in the bag depending on course conditions, the course I'm playing, etc)

-Nike SQ Sumo2 8.5 degree w/ Aldila Proto ByYou Stiff SST Pured


-Geek Golf DCT 9 deg. w/ Graphite Designs YS-7+ stiff SST Pured

-Titleist 904F 15 deg w/ Aldila Proto ByYou stiff SST Pured

-Titleist 904F 18.5 deg w/ Aldila ByYou stiff SST Pured

-Titleist 503.H 22 deg Aldila NV Green stiff(sometimes I drop the 5W in favor of a 19 deg 503.H hybrid) (SST Pured)

-Mizuno Mp-37 2-PW Dynamic Gold S300(Flowed)(some come out depending on the course and conditions, I've carried all of them before and no hybrids or woods and I've started with the 5 iron and went down from there)

-Cleveland CG12 56 and 60 deg w/ rifle spinner wedge flex w/ DIY custom sole grind (ported and filled)

-Sometimes drop in a Callaway X-forged vintage 64 deg X-wedge w/ Mac Daddy Grooves and custom sole grind (also ported and filled)

One of the following putters:

Scotty Cameron Studio Design #1 custom

Scotty Cameron Detour

Scotty Cameron Teryllium Santa Fe

Ping 1A

See More FGP prototype

Yes! Natalie

Yes! Tiffany

Auld Golf Thistle Vintage

Scotty Cameron Napa

Refinished SeeMore FGP

Scotty Cameron Detour 2 Newport

Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2

(Yeah, I'm a putter whore)

Balls: Titleist Pro V1x or Nike One Platinum

The MP-37's are about to be replaced with a set of Miura Forged Blades that I'm getting sent to me raw and I'm going to black oxide them and redo the paint fill, they'll have the tour black nickel KBS Rifle shafts in them with white and lime green ferrules. I'll be stamping my initials in them like I did my wedges as well.

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