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Murdered youth identified. 14 hours old.

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West Central Georgia.


The body of a missing youth discovered in an oval dumpster earlier today has been identified as 14 hours old Mason "buzz" Florentino.

The body was discovered by a group who were window pane climbing earlier today.

A local fly, who asked not to be identified told reporters " it was a nice day out so we decided to get together and go to The Pane. The sun got a little bright so I decided to go on a dumpster run. He was just lying there, on his back with his legs curled against his chest. At first I thought he was sleeping but he wasn't buzzing at all. then I noticed his head was turned completely around. It's getting bad out there, man. You have to watch where you fly."

Police identified the local fly who asked not to be identified as 2 day old William " fast willie "Perkins and said he is not a suspect as of now.

Martha Florentino, the mother of the victim did not wish to be interviewed and is said to be distraught. The mother of 258, Mason was her youngest child as of the time this story goes to press. She had lost 25 previous children in a pesticide poisoning.

Masons family denied that Mason had recently been involved in the sport of "swat dodging". His brother Marty Florentino said " Mason wasn't no dodger, man. Mason was a good kid. He wanted to grow up top be a feces inspector and all he wanted to do was study" he added that Mason " hardly ever went inside. He was a quiet kid, you know... If they will hurt Mason nobody is safe. Mason wasn't no swat dodger."

Police have asked for any information on the following man, who goes by the street name of " the great American" Police have warned he may be armed and is considered dangerous and unstable. Do not approach him on your own . You are instructed to contact authorities.

Police have advised all flys to stay outside until further notice.


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