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Are our other Players Film Junkies Like Ryan?

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I remember reading about Derrick Brooks, and the fact that in his opinion what set him apart from other guys like him was his addiction to, and ability to analyze game film.

He supposedly began studying game film of Adrian Peterson when he was a rookie at Oklahoma. He would take in and memorize the run style of the guys, and then plan how he would use his body to react.

I really think the willingness to study game film can elevate a player beyond what natural ability and personal experience they have.

It would really be awesome if we had 4 Guys who all studied an enormous amount of game film.

QB- Matt Ryan (whole offense, but mainly RBs and WRs)

C- Todd McClure (offensive line)

MLB- Curtis Lofton (linebackers)

SS- Eric Coleman (secondary)

Each of these guys are captains of the 4 elements that benefit most from knowing the opposing team's tendencies and can rely that info to the people they direct.

And given that they have more time than most on their hands, it would be nice if our two back-up QBs were in charge of studying and memorizing the tendencies of the opposing quarterback, on film and on gameday, to discuss with the MLB and SS while they are on the bench.

And maybe a back-up linebacker and a back-up safety would be in charge of giving insight about the opposing defense to Matt.

Then again, I've never been in a pro football practice, so they may already do this.

I do know that the way the article described it, it sounded somewhat rare to watch alot of film outside of the QB, I would just like some other guys to really do that too.

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Well QB's are ALWAYS going to watch more film cause they are studying entire defenses. Usually a LB will study like the QB or RB, but a QB has to watch the entire defense. I think film watching is VERY important, but is also rare to have a player watch as much as a QB would. I would be an awesome NFL player if thats all it took. I could watch film all day!

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It depends on your position also. D tackles probably don't watch much film at all because they don't need to. All they need to do is be a big, mean, nasty SOB on game day. A center or other O linemen probably watch a lot since they have to diagnose and react based on specific opponets philosiphies.

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