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Student Editor wakes to dead animals on porch

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HILLSDALE, Mich - A student editor at the Hillsdale College newspaper found several dead animals on his porch a few days after an editorial critical of the school's baseball team ran in the paper.

The carcasses were discovered early Monday at the off-campus home rented by Beyond section editor John Krudy. The Collegian reports that the bodies of one-and-a-half deer, several large rodents and a black goat had been left on the porch.

A copy of the paper's April 2 sports section -- which included the critical editorial -- was underneath the goat.

The Collegian has published an apology, calling the editorial a mistake.

Editor-in-Chief Joy Pavelski said Wednesday that Krudy has decided not to press charges. A telephone message seeking comment was left for a Hillsdale College spokesman.


The Detroit Free Press

Carcasses of rodents, deer and a goat were found strewn Monday on the front porch of John Krudy, one of the editors of the Hillsdale College newspaper.

Intestines had been draped on the posts like strings of Christmas lights, in what the newspaper's editors said apparently was a response to an editorial by the paper criticizing the school's baseball team.

The culprits left a copy of the paper under the dead goat's head, said Hillsdale Collegian Editor-in-Chief Joy Pavelski.

Hillsdale Associate Vice President Chris Bachelder called the situation "unusual and excessive and gross."

But he would not name the students responsible, saying only they have apologized and reconciled with the residents of the house. They also face administrative action, he said Wednesday, but would not discuss details.

The animals were roadkill -- already dead -- when the students picked them up, Bachelder said. It's one of the reasons, he said, that neither the victims nor the police plan to file criminal charges.

An editorial appeared in the school newspaper Thursday, lambasting the team for losing nine of its past 10 games and instructing the players: "Lose the stride, boys."

Pavelski said the paper made a mistake with the editorial and published an apology on the newspaper's Web site the same day the editorial appeared. The apology, in part, said: "We kicked a guy when he was down."

"Sometimes we print articles about controversial subjects and we know that we've kind of brought it on ourselves, and we're doing our best to recover, apologize and move on," Pavelski told the Free Press Wednesday.

Pavelski said several baseball players and members of the newspaper staff plan to meet in the coming days for "mutual apologies."


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