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1st round mock with Falcons trade down

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I just find it really hard to believe that we are going to stay at 24. Right now we are in prime position to move down; and a lot of the players we have been looking at could possibly be there in the 2nd round.

1st round mock:


In this mock I have Cleveland trading their 2nd and 3rd round picks to us to move up and select Chris Wells. Jammal Lewis is starting to slow down and Mangini has always tried to rely on a strong running game. So them wanting to move up and select Wells before Philidelphia has a chance to snag him makes sense.

You might also notice that I have Larry English and Louis Delmas slipping out of the 1st round. Unfortunately in this mock though I have English going to the pats at 34.

33. Darrius Butler

34. Larry English

35. D.J. Moore

I am a big Delmas fan, but I am starting to believe that our answer to FS is already on this roster (Thomas DeCould). I heard a recent interview with Erik Coleman, and he stated that when he was brought in he knew there were plans to find a younger saftey in the draft... he knew that he wouldn't be competing with DeCould, but they would eventually be playing side by side. TD's specialty in New England was scouting Safeties, so I think DeCould could surprise a few people this year. I am anticipating Coleman starting the year at SS.

Round 2a: James Lauranites- LB | Ohio State

I realize this board has been round and round about Lauranites. Some here say he is too slow to play OLB in our scheme. What they fail to realize is that his game speed is a lot faster than his stopwatch speed. I think he could be another Keith Brooking for us, and he could eventually become a great leader for our defense. I see him as an WLB in our scheme; however, He could possibly play MLB in certain Nickle situations (If Lofton cannot handle it). If Lauranites had come out last year I doubt he would have made it out of the top ten. He has simply been over analyzed, and he has great value here for our cover 2 scheme (especially if English is off the board)

Round 2b: Connor Barwin- DE | Cincinatti

In a Cover 2 the importance of a pass rush cannot be over emphasized. Currently our DE rotation is, John Abraham, Jamaal Anderson, Chauncey Davis, and Kroy Biermann. If Anderson breaks out this year our rotation will be awesome; moreover, if we add another name to that rotation, we can cut down on fatigue late in a game, and rely on rushing four linemen. Barwin is a physical freak of nature, and he has been productive everywhere he has been slotted. He has Special team potential, and he could even come in and play TE in some packages. He is still developing; however, if he is still around here, he would have great value.

Round 3a: Chase Coffman-TE | Missouri

Coffman is not a perfect fit for our scheme, but he is simply a blue collar worker. He does come from a non traditional system, but is production is amazing for a TE. He runs good routes, and he has the frame to get bigger. He wouldn't have to be a starter day 1, but he could contribute on special teams and in certain offensive packages.

Round 3b: Chip Vaughn- SS | Wake Forest

Last year DeCould's role was mainly being a special teams ace. If he is going to be a full time starter, we need to find someone that can replace him and be developed. Chip Vaughn has a reputation for being a good hitter, and a blue collar worker, and smart football player. His ball skills might not be up there with some of the top tier safeties in this draft class, but with a little bit of development who knows.

Round 4: T.J. Lang- OT/OG | Western Michigan

Lang is the exact type of linemen our coaching staff covets. He has a nasty demeanor, offers versatility, and he is a hard worker. He can play either RT or OG, and that is fitting, because after this season I only expect that we will resign one linemen out of Tyson Clabo and Harvy Dahl.

Round 5a: Kenny McKinnley- WR | South Carolina

Up until the point where Robinson was traded I couldn't figure out why our coaching staff was showing so much attention to McKinnley at the senior bowl. In reading his scouting reports, I see that he is a smart reciever, that knows how to get open, he already runs good routes,

and he has a lot of experience against good competition. Once we traded Robinson that made this pick much more reasonable.

Round 5b: Sammie Lee Hill- DT | Stillman

I would say Hill has been slightly overrated by this board. Yes his production was very good at his level, but I don't value him any higher than a 5th round selection. Honestly he could go higher than the 5th simply because of his size, and the potential for him to a NT in a 3-4, but I see him as more of a UT/NT tweener. In college he played DE because of his inability to get off blocks... man did he produce. That certainly says something about his athletic ability, but it does not sound like he translates to a pure NT. I however do envision coming in on obvious passing downs and rushing the passer from the NT position.

Round 6: Chris Owens- CB | San Jose State

He has been overshadowed by his teammate Coye Francies; however, Owens stood out in the shrine game practices. He already has tremendous ball skills, and good awareness/quickness. With a little bit of development he could turn into a gem.

*Note: Jaymadd I already know what your comment on my first selection will be... and I don't care*

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nice mock. i could live with it.

thanks... the pats taking English in the mock really screwed things up. If they had taken Delmas instead it would have looked like:

Round 2a: Larry English

Round 2b: Patrick Chung

Round 3a: Chase Coffman

Round 3b: Nic Harris

and the same after that.

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I'd pee my pants if we pulled this off. Getting a LB who will be good with our 1st pick and getting a DE who with the right coaching could be sick! Barwin could be gone so i wouldn't mind getting Sidbury with that pick either. I like how you addressed those two positions first. Im so tired of these people picking a S first or a TE or some crap. We need a LB and a DE picked in atleast 1 of the first 2 rounds.

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I'd pee my pants if we pulled this off. Getting a LB who will be good with our 1st pick and getting a DE who with the right coaching could be sick! Barwin could be gone so i wouldn't mind getting Sidbury with that pick either. I like how you addressed those two positions first. Im so tired of these people picking a S first or a TE or some crap. We need a LB and a DE picked in atleast 1 of the first 2 rounds.

well the one thing I tried to keep in mind was scheme specific fits. Two picks that are not ideal fits are

Chase Coffman and Chip Vaughn, but they can both be developed into very good players for us.

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I'd be suprised if we traded down. But that said, I like the picks. I think JL will be a solid LB--i don't think he'll be a gamechanger--but that's not bad as at the least we get a younger brooking.

Barwin is interesting. His hype is up hugely. Nice player though.

overall very good mock and very good selections.

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i think it would help if they did trade down and get one more pick but they shouldn't go down too far. i don't like drafting a tight end with the first pick. there will be still some good tight ends down on the 3rd and 4th round draft like travis beckum and cornelius ingram. safety is where i think they should go with their first pick. sean smith out of utah big guy who can also run. draft a good linebackers in the second round. then maybe a tight end or defense tackle the third. i don't want they drafting wide receivers until the 6th or 7th. their receivers are good don't waste draft picks on them.

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why not get quality value with more picks? Every pick we secure is potential for another hole to be filled.

Its not a fact that we would get more quality at 24 than if we traded back. I can see JL getting picked at our pick or in the 2nd. Alot of the players we are looking at are going to be in that late 1st early to mid 2nd range. JL, English, MJ. I wouldn't be suprised in a trade at all. I'd love to have one because there is not one clear cut guy that we are going after at 24. But you never know on draft day

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