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Simon checking out Kellie Pickler..

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When she sat in front of him singing he was looking up and down. :lol:

Twas a pretty tight dress so I don't blame him.

Well, he definitely wasn't checking out her vocals...she was wretched tonight...reminded me of some of her really bad performances 3 seasons ago...she was so bad tonight, I thought they should've voted her out and kept poor ol' Scott... :unsure:

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Oh, don't get me wrong, if I were single, and had a ghost of a chance with Kellie, I'd bang her like the hammer that built Noah's Ark...but I wouldn't pay the money to see her in concert... :P

Me either unless I was front row. She seems kinda easy and dumb. I would spend the whole show talkin dirty to her and see if it worked. :lol:

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Seacrest: "Do you think you sang better tonight than last night?"

Blind Guy: "I don't know. I haven't seen the tape yet."

What's wrong with that conversation? 10 brownie points to whoever guesses it.

Um...cause Seacrest was nearly as tall as Scott? ****, everyone knows that Ryan wears lifts... :P

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