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Statick's 2009 NFL Mock Draft


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1. DETROIT - QB Matthew Stafford (UGA)

2. ST. LOUIS - OT Jason Smith (Baylor)

3. KANSAS CITY - LB Aaron Curry (WF)

4. SEATTLE - OT Eugene Monroe (UVA)

5. CLEVELAND - DE Brian Orakpo (Texas)

6. CINCINNATI - OT Andre Smith (Bama)

7. OAKLAND - WR Jeremy Maclin (Missouri)

8. JACKSONVILLE - WR Michael Crabtree (TT)

9. GREEN BAY - DE Everette Brown (FSU)

10. SAN FRANCISCO - QB Mark Sanchez (USC)

11. BUFFALO - DE Aaron Maybin (Penn State)

12. DENVER - DT B.J. Raji (BC)

13. WASHINGTON - DE Tyson Jackson (LSU)

14. NEW ORLEANS - CB Malcolm Jenkins (Ohio St.)

15. HOUSTON - LB Brian Cushing (USC)

16. SAN DIEGO - LB Rey Maualuga (USC)

17. NY JETS - WR Percy Harvin (UF)

18. DENVER - DE Larry English (NIU)

19. TAMPA BAY - QB Josh Freeman (KSU)

20. DETROIT - OT Michael Oher (Ole Miss)

21. PHILADELPHIA - TE Brandon Pettigrew (Ok. St.)

22. MINNESOTA - OT Eben Britton (Arizona)

23. NEW ENGLAND - LB Clint Sintim (UVA)

24. ATLANTA - LB Clay Matthews (USC) or LB James Laurinaitis (Ohio St.)

25. MIAMI - CB Vontae Davis (Illinois)

26. BALTIMORE - CB Darius Butler

27. INDIANAPOLIS - DT Peria Jerry (Ole Miss)

28. PHILADELPHIA - RB Chris Wells (Ohio St.)

29. NY GIANTS - WR Hakeem Nicks (UNC)

30. TENNESSEE - CB D.J. Moore (Vandy)

31. ARIZONA - RB Knowshon Moreno (UGA)

32. PITTSBURGH - CB Alphonso Smith (WF)

***Disclaimer: Due to any potential transactions by any team(s) before the Draft that would change the current draft order, Statick reserves to the right to make changes up until the day of the draft. Any and all questions regarding this mock and any team's draft selection in this mock should be addressed by Statick by direct quotation or PM.

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I know Al Davis is crazy and loves player with speed but do you really think he would take Maclin over Crabtree? :huh:

Yeah I don't get this sudden buzz either. If he's still OTC, the Raiders will take Crabtree and laugh all the way to the bank. Jerry Rice is his mentor-you can't script that stuff. This whole Al Davis <3 speed thing is beyond a joke now...

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There is not much that I don't agree with. This could happen

But would more like James Laurinaitis for ATL at 24

I just saw some more tape on him. I added him as an either/or for us.

I would be extremely happy with either of those guys.

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