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Karma Catches up to a Journalist?

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Right after the Sept. 11th attacks most journalists were restrained though very pro U.S. in their reporting, sure there were some muttering incoherently about Western imperialism, or squawking absurdly, "Retaliate against who?"...but all in all the world was very gracious regarding the tragedy and its effect on this country. An exception to that was a Canadian journalist who according to a Fox News Story was inspired to take these actions: from the article...

The September 11 terror attacks were a watershed event in the life of a Canadian journalist named Beverly Giesebrecht.

Soon after Al Qaeda terrorists killed 3,000 people in the U.S., Giesebrecht converted to Islam, adopted a new name — Khadija Abdul Qahaar — and spent the next two years studying the Koran in Egypt.

She created a pro-Jihadi Web site, Jihad Unspun, and she developed a network of contacts, contributors and translators, some of whom introduced her to the Taliban in Pakistan.

And then last November, the Taliban, the group she had befriended, kidnapped her while she was chasing a story in the Bannu region of northern Pakistan. In a video released after her capture, Qahaar says she's being held by the Taliban, though it's not clear exactly who is holding her. Officials have not provided clarification, saying only that there are many criminal gangs in the region who call themselves the Taliban.

Now, four and a half months later, 11th-hour negotiations continue in efforts to save Qahaar's life and secure her release. Her captors have demanded $375,000 in ransom money by the end of March, and they have threatened to kill her if their demand isn't met.


The deadline has come and gone and there is no word (that I have seen) on whether she is alive or dead. I don't wish anyone ill, and I hope this woman is freed and returned safe and sound, but if it comes down to her life or the life of a soldier trying to save her stupid azz, since there have been talks and plans for rescue, I would rather he not put himself in harm's way. I know where I stand on this, but I'm curious about what are other thoughts on it. Is this poetic justice or another tragedy befalling an innocent western civilian in the Middle East?

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If I'm on a jihad and jihadists whom I support take me hostage as part of THEIR jihad, do I get my virgins as reward for MY jihad when the jihadists who took me (and whom I support) remove my head with a skill saw in order to further their jihad?

and how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

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