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Trading future picks

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Since there is a very good chance that we could end up with two compensatory 3rd round draft picks next year (because of Boley and Brooking), what would everything think of trading a 2010 2nd for a 2009 2nd. Most of you realize by now that I tend to make up some creative trades (some catch on like wildfire i.e. trading for Thomas Howard or Anderson for Hali, others not so much). If we did the following two things, I think we could take our football team to an elite level.

1) Trade our 2009 1st for a 2009 2nd and 2010 1st

2) Trade our 2010 2nd and Chris Houston for a 2009 2nd and 2009 3rd

Then we could have a draft the likes of

2a) Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma (from trade down)

2b) William Moore, S, Missouri (from 2010 2nd trade)

2c) Jairus Byrd, CB, Oregon (Atlanta's pick)

3a) Phil Loadholt, RT, Oklahoma (from 2010 2nd trade)

3b) Shawn Nelson, TE, Southern Miss

4) Antoine Caldwell,C, Alabama

5a) Lee Robinson, SLB, Alcorn State

5b) Roy Miller, NT, Texas

6) Dominique Edison, WR, Stephen F. Austin

With that kind of a draft, we get what is surely 6 long-term starts with the first 6 picks, and 3 potential starters with the last 3. Our offensive line would be complete for a long time and fitting of a power running scheme as well.

With two 1st round picks we could target a stud DT (like Suh or McCoy), a stud DE (like Dunlap or Hardy), or a stud OLB (like Lewis or Weatherspoon). I personally would like:

1a) Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

1b) Travis Lewis, WLB, Oklahoma

3) Brandon Lang, RDE, Troy

4) C.J. Wilson, LDE, ECU (Anderson busts again and we need a new LDE)

5) Keiland Williams, RB, LSU

6-7) BPA

There are of course alterations you could make by who you take, but I can't really imagine any scenario better than this (unless of course Anderson is traded for Hali and Houston is traded for Wimbley :D )

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i like the idea, would like to get a an extra 2nd this year and it wouldnt be a big loss relative to getting a 1st rdr next year, imagine if the team we trade with has a poor year and we can pick up one of the big names, spikes, berry etc, would be great news..

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