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Find me a 4th WR


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I don't remember seeing Laurent Robinson playing ST's at all. Since we drafted him, he's made a couple of nice catches, but has spent most of his time here injured. Even when he was healthy, he hasn't contributed any place except for those few catches. This is why we did the trade. We already have a #1 WR in Roddy. We have a solid #2 WR that can convert 1st downs and is a strong blocker in Jenkins. We have a dynamic 3rd WR that can stretch the field and contributes on ST as a very impressive punt returner. Our current 4th WR, Finneran, is a standout ST player and a reliable 4th target possession receiver. The new 5th WR is Weems, who also plays ST.

We got rid of him because he doesn't contribute. I do think he has a ton of potential. But I like the way this coaching staff conducts business. You have to earn your spot on the roster. Roddy, Jenkins, and Douglas earned their spots. Laurent didn't have any value on ST's, so they traded him since he obviously couldn't earn his spot on the roster.

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He did play some but if he didn't like going over the middle then he must have hated the physicality of special teams.

I couldn't remember him in any ST's plays so I looked it up. You are right, he has played on special teams before. Since he was drafted, he's made 1 special teams tackle. He's never received a kick or punt.

His one ST tackle was off a 58 yard return by Eddie Royal in week 11 against Denver. That was the last game he ever played for us. Coincidentally, it was also the last stat he posted as a Falcon. :lol:

P.S. I really do think he has potential at WR. He's young, fast, acrobatic, and has good hands. He's not very strong though. I just don't think the coaches could see him having a prominent role in our offense and didn't see any added value on ST.

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