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What can we expect from Matt Ryan this coming season

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I am a firm believer that one player doesn't win games, the team does...but I still love to look at stats...

I think Matt will have a marginally better season this year before he breaks out in his 3rd season

II'll guess a 20-23 TD season and maybe 8-10 INT's...but hey if he wants to break out and make it rain with 30 TDs I think I'd be okay with that :D

I just know we won't see that kind of season until we get him a TE on the field!

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:Yeah I'd say around 20-23 TD's is right, due to a combination of things.

He will feel more comfortable throwing the ball, and teams will be doing more effort to shut down Turner's rushing in the redzone, but it probably won't be close to 30 or anything due to the insane defenses we will be facing.

Lol, we might have to rack up as many TD's as we can against the NFC South because it might be the easiest part of our schedule.

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That's a good scale. Peyton was marginally better his second year then a lot better his third year. That's pretty fair. Peyton did go from 3-13 to 13-3 from his rookie to sophomore year. I think Matt will throw for around 3,700 and 20 Td's with 10 int's. He would have had close to that last year anyway without some of the drops. I know Roddy dropped at least 2 TD's. Jenkins dropped a TD too. A wide open one. Then that TE fumbled one away at the goal line. Ryan will have similar numbers this year. Remember we are still a run first team. I think Turner goes for 1,500 and Norwood will have over 1,000 all purpose yards.

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I would be happy with his yards and touchdowns being around the same but his interceptions being way down.

That could happen because most of his int's were down the stretch when he started wearing down a bit. He'll be better prepared for the long season this time around.

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