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Clint Sintim at 24?

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This guy seems like a future star. I would like him at SLB, he provide lots of pressure and he is stout against the run. Coverage wise he just needs to get coached a little, and in the Cover 2 you need to be able to have good acceleration and he has that. He has the potential to start day 1. Thoughts??

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negative, ghost rider. Too many impact players available to reach for 2nd round talent IMO

I just quoted this because it had my SN in it. Anyway, I like Sintim. I also heard him on a radio station recently and he was talking about how good things happen when you work hard enough for them. That makes me think he is a very hard worker which we like. He also mentioned that he would love to come to a team like Atlanta. Of course, he was on a Atlanta radio station but I really liked the guy's attitude after hearing him interviewed. We'd have to trade down to get him though. If we pick where we are we have to take Matthews or Cushing.

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He is built for the 3-4 and he played his college career in a 3-4 --- it just makes way too much sense for him to land in a 3-4 for us to draft him

Why cant we make him a DE in our system, he played with his hands in the dirt plenty in college. :D

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