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Who Do You Like ? Cook Or Pettigrew?

Which TE should we Pick?  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Pettigrew, Cook, Somebody Else ?

    • Brandon Pettigrew
    • Jared Cook
    • Somebody Else (list who in post)
    • Don't draft a TE (use the ones we have)
    • I like Cheese

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We all can see this offense is one tackle and one TE away from being truly elite, so who would you rather we get?

Would you rather we spend our 1st round and pick up Brandon Pettigrew from Oklahoma State ? Or would you rather we trade down with our 1st pick and get Jared Cook from South Carolina? I say this because I doubt Cook lasts until our second round pick.

Pettigrew is a great all-around Tight End, who catches the ball well, and is good at blocking in the run game. However, he has some character concerns and ran a very pedestrian 40 in the combine, which might hurt in our attempts to stretch the field in our passing game.

Cook is a freak of nature talent, who is not fast for a big guy, but just fast period, running a 4.5 in the combine, and showing incredible leaping ability as well. He has been solid in Spurrier's passing offense in South Carolina. However, he is very raw, would need to learn tighter routes than he experienced at South Carolina and is completely unproven at being a blocking tight end, something that is vital in our Mularkey offense.

Who do you prefer ?

If you prefer a different tight end, like a Cornelius Ingram or a Chase Coffman, tell why.

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Cook= no blocking

No thanks

At the same time though, Beaudreau is a beast of an O-line coach, and by all accounts Cook is a willing student, so it could be worth the effort to train him.

Because lets face it, a 4.5 running TE being thrown to by Matt Ryan will absolutely destroy the NFC South's 4-3 systems.

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