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My thoughts on Laurent

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I first read this in the paper this morning (AJC) and I didn't much approve. But I have had time to think about it and it does make alot of since, for several reasons. Jenkins FINALLY emerged and was the receiver I always thought he could be...lets hope he can maintain this! Harry Burst onto the scenes as well and I really think he's going to be a star for us for a long time. I do hate Laurent got injred and couldn't really compete for his job. He, for the most part anyways, didn't really fit our system due to his lack of blocking skills. But for the most part, he was just kinda the odd man out. I do think he'll benefit alot from the Rams O, their system fits his game more. I've read that some on here think this opens the door to get a receiver in the draft and I completley disagree. We have Roddy...Jenkins....Harry and for good depth we still got Finneran. I know some of you will point out that he is 33, but he's still very productive when he plays and 33 isn't that old for a WR. The only receiver I could see us getting is TE, but I still like Peelle as I've stated in the past.

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After slogging thru the noise I had to go back up top

to remember what this topic was about in the first place.

With all of our needs on the lines, it is very easy to just dismiss

the notion of drafting a WR or a TE.

Not to make a mock or a mockery, I would love to see us use this

positioning to go after some high value.

We could go after an Good OT and a OG

DL, LB, S (Bruton at 5a or 5b will be a strong value, but

if he free falls we are in the position to snag him at the top of the

6th and call it a Draft.

This also frees us up to grab a TE in the 4th or 5th round.

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