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Tony Scheffler on the trading block

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Tony Scheffler is expected to participate in the Broncos' first minicamp, April 17-19.

Scheffler boycotted voluntary team workouts, and he's recently begun working out with his personal trainer. He remains a candidate to be traded, possibly on draft day.Source: Denver Post

Scheffler is very good friends with Jay Cutler, and he wasn't happy when they traded him away to Chicago...Maybe McDaniels won't put up with him, and Scheffler might be traded....Scheffler is vastly underrated, and he would be the receving TE we are looking for...I wouldn't be surprised if TD pulls off a trade for him...
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This is old news. There have been reports saying that Denver would be willing to give him up for a 5th rounder! And we just made a trade that put us at the beginning of the 5th rd so pretty much a 4th rounder. He would be a huge asset to this team. I personally think that we are fine at TE, BUT we could use an actual good receiving TE and he would fit perfectly. He was banged up a ton of last year so his stats are inconsistent, but when he was healthy he played awesome. If we could get him for a 5th that would be a freaking STEAL!

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