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5 Picks in TOP 150


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Atlanta Falcons Round-by-Round Picks

I know we have people upset about what happened with the LR trade but this is a very good move. we moved up a total of 40 draft spots in the draft. People also needs to understand that our system requires our WR to block and that was not one of LR strong points.


Falcons' Pick Selection Notes

1st Round (No. 24 overall)

2nd Round (No. 55 overall)

3rd Round (No. 90 overall)

4th Round (No. 125 overall)

5th Round (No. 138 overall)*

5th Round (No. 143 overall)

6th Round (No. 176 overall)#

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Oh really, Let's see

Straight up with no comp picks

in 5 rounds of 32 teams it would cover 160 picks.

So they moved up a MAXIMUM of 10 places That six pick is one of those 32 so it does not change the numbers

Think these things through

actually it's not bad they get 6 picks out of the first 138

so that means they pick every 23rd time not every 32nd time as would be normal

Comp picks added in will change this but it's still good.

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