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Another way to look at the Robinson trade

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maybe this was done to set up something on draft day? Maybe a draft day trade were we could look to move up in earlier rounds?
My sentiments exactly. It may only give us an extra 17 points on the draft value chart, but it provides flexibility if there is a player in say the 3rd or 4th round that we want to move up for.
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It's actually worth 18 points, but in the later rounds when you draft is more important than the minimal increase in points as per the trade value chart.

Falcons move up from 160(27 points) to 138(37 points)= a +10 points

Falcons move up from 196(13 points) to 176(21 points)= a +8 points

So by trading Reach we gained a total of 18 points by the chart


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