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My new mock draft for 4/6

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Brett Romberg-Good depth behind McClure

Mike Peterson-Can play all 3 positions but will be our SLB.

Freddy Keiaho-Could possibly beat out Nicholas for the starting spot.(He was a 2 yr starter at WLB in IND) Only 26

We trade our 1st, 3rd, and next years 3rdto the New York Giants for their 29th and 60th

1st:James Laurinitis 6-2 240 - One of the safest players in the draft. Has the elite instincts it takes to be a force

2nd:William Moore 6-1 220 - Will be a steal at 55. He had an off senior while dealing with nagging injuries

2nd: Fili Moala 6-4 305 - Elite run stopper who can get into the backfield. Hamilton will improve his pass rushing. Versatile (DT/UT)

4th:Vance Walker 6-2 304 - He's just as good getting to the passer as he is stopping the run. Versatile (UT/DT)

5th:Davon Drew 6-4 256 - Good blocker who emerged as a big time threat for ECU

5th:Deangelo Smith 5-11 190 - Good cover 2 prospect who would add to the competition at corner

6th:Alex Boone 6-7 328 - His off the field incident hurts him, but he has all the tools to be successful at RT (Its well worth the risk)




UT: Babs/V.Walker/JA98


WLB: Nicholas/F.Keiaho/R.James

MLB: Lofton/Peterson/Laurinitis

SLB: Peterson/Laurinitis/Wire

CB: C.Houston/D.Smith/Grimes

FS: E.Coleman/T.Decoud

SS:W.Moore/Fudge or Harris


2010 Needs

DE:Hardy, Selvie, OC: J.McNeil , K O'Dowd OG:S.Render, M.Johnson, J.Jerry RB: C.Scott, D.Murray, C.Brown QB:LeFevour. J Locker

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Bad trade idea, I am ok with the draft, you took the chance that either of the players you drafting with the 1st pick that may not have an impact his first year. He might not start at his postion and might not get the chance to make much of an impact, we dont have the luxury to draft someone that might not get the chance to make an impact with the first pick. AT least at DE, DT, TE, CB they can have an impact if they dont start.

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