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Drafting for the future


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Centre: McClure is good for a couple more years at best, draft, or are Romberg and Wilkerson going to make it in this league?

There are some good centers, but they will go very high in and in the second...

Other than that the line has age on their side and should develop into something formiddable for years to come!

QB: do we let TD go find a gem undrafted? not a bad idea maybe even to spend a late pick if he sees potential? Believe me i would rather pick up more on defense, but worth a thought.

TE: Need something here, Rader and Zinger shouldn't be in the building, and a hungry game changer would be perfect

WR: again, youthful bunch apart from Finn

RB: no probs there, 4 young and talented guys.

DLine: We need probably one more end for when Abe goes, and getting one will keep him healthy and playing for longer.

LB: Young, and hungry. One more addition and we could be special here imo.

CB: Youth, probably needing a vet presence ;) ! I think houston develops as does "heavy chevy"!

Safety: once again young, a vet wouldnt of been bad but nothing TD liked, I see us picking up a safety in the draft

Tie this in with depth, and we might see some surprises come draft day...

Don't be surprised to see us pick up two offensive linemen, two d liners, and then a TE LB and poss a Safety..

What is really great is that we are the 2nd youngest team in the league, and we are winning with these kids. The future looks bright guys.

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