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Matty "ICE"


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Growing up in the age of sports that we did...ask yourself, what is the best rivalry that we have seen? Is it the Lakers versus the Bulls? Maybe the Yankees versus Steinbrenner(I know he is the owner but who else has kept them from winning??) I love a great rivalry, thats why I always cheer for UGA over the Gaytors. A great rivalry is Bird vs. Magic...that is a rivalry that went from college to the pros and kept a crappy league like the NBA alive. I did love the short lived Olajuwon vs Shaq rivalry as well (Olajuwon made him look silly).

A New rivalry that lives is the new face of a multi million doller franchise. The heart of a down and out city lives on the right arm of a guy that can barely stop a grin(Matty Ice). A guy that, coming out of college was the last guy this franchise wanted. A Rivalry that goes back all the way to 1966. CAN THE ATLANTA FALCONS HAVE BACK TO BACK WINNING SEASONS??? Thats a rivary that transends the ages. A team that can go to a superbowl one year and go blind the next. We have seen blown out knees of the best RB in the league (Anderson) and even guys that can go to prison(Vick). But can we survive a legacy of losing? This goes back way before I was born. A team that can't remember, remember how to win one season to the next that is. We can lose the best athelete "sports" has ever seen, a dou$hbag coach(PIG), and a mindset that accepts losing...(but there is always next season!)

For the first time in my Falcons fan years I can say, I like the direction of this team! We have a great coach, a great GM and a great owner. I think the RIVALRY between the Falcons and back to back winning seasons is about to be over!

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How are you ********? Thats my question. I was making a point about the fact that we have had great opportunities to be great and yet its never happened. Why Matty comes into the fray is that he has the chance to end the curse that hangs over this team. I call it a rivalry against destiny, you call it toothpaste on your cornflakes ******!

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Well, in this country, I think the best rivalry in Pro Sports is the New York Rangers vs. The New York Islanders in the NHL...... Whenever these two team meet, regardless of record, the games are full of brawls, both on the ice and in the stands.... When you have two teams separated by a bridge, and they not only play in the same Conference, but the same DIVISION as well, you are bound to have some fireworks.... You could write an entire book on the crazy stuff that has happened both on the ice and in the stands between these two teams... You may find some competitive (or arguably "better") rivalries in college sports, but nothing in US professional sports comes close to Rangers / Islanders

Worldwide, I would have to say Celtic vs. Rangers in the SPL (divided not only by love of team, but religion, politics, etc.)... Pure Hatred....

And while it doesn't occur often enough to be considered a true "rivalry", Liverpool FC (England) vs. Juventus FC (Italy) due to the Heysel Stadium Disaster in which Liverpool Ultras (Hooligans) caused the deaths of 39 Italian fans and the injury of at least 200 more.... Though this was nearly 25 years ago, and ALL English teams were banned from UEFA competition for 5 years, understandably, Juventus fans (and most Italian supporters for that matter) have an intense hatred for ALL English teams, but obviously the most hatred remains between Juventus and Liverpool. The incident occurred when Liverpool hooligans broke through the fence separating Liverpool and Juventus fans (keep in mind, in European Football, hatred for other fans is so intense they literally separate the fans).... Once the fence was torn down, Juventus fans fleeing the attacking Liverpool hooligans found themselves crushed against a retaining wall which gave way, causing a horrific scene....

Honestly, I don't think we truly understand what a real "rivalry" is here in the States..... I think it was put best in the film "Green Street Hooligans" where Elijah Wood's character (an American) is asking his English friend about his favorite sides local derby (or rivalry)...

"Oh, so it's like the Yankees and the Red Socks!", Elijah Wood's character inquires.........

"No.... More like the Israelis and Palestinians."

Luckily, here in the US, a good rivalry consists of the occassional drunken fist fight, but is mostly limited to nothing more than verbal jawing amongst fans......

Personally, though it is certainly not amongst the best, I love our Falcons vs. Saints rivalry........ It is the closest you will get to a "college" atmosphere in the NFL, and regardless of record, there are usually a ton of traveling fans from both sides.... A lot of good taunting, but everyone gets home alive. :)

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How do you have a rivalry between 2 things that are not the same things (players, teams) in Atlanta Falcons and the back-to-back winning seasons curse?


Pronunciation [rahy-vuhl-ree]

–noun, plural -ries.

1. the action, position, or relation of a rival or rivals; competition: rivalry between Yale and Harvard.

2. an instance of this.



noun [C]

a person, group, etc. competing with others for the same thing or in the same area:

He beat his closest/nearest rival by 20 marks.

The companies produce rival versions of the toy.


verb [T] -ll- or US USUALLY -l-

to be as good, clever, beautiful, etc. as someone or something else:

No computer can rival a human brain for/in complexity.

The beauty of the country is only rivalled by (= is equal to) the violence of its politics.


noun [C or U]

There's such rivalry among/between my three sons.

There's fierce rivalry for the job/to get the job.

I guess a rivalry can exist between two things that arent the same fx man and machine, as long as it is the same thing they strive to achieve or compete about.

Based on the above definitions though, I dont know if I personally would call the; Falcons vs. the inability to have back to back winning seasons, a rivalry.

But the OP created a thread with good questions regardless.

How are you ********? Thats my question. I was making a point about the fact that we have had great opportunities to be great and yet its never happened. Why Matty comes into the fray is that he has the chance to end the curse that hangs over this team. I call it a rivalry against destiny, you call it toothpaste on your cornflakes ******

I think you made a reasonable thread to start with, but what a crappy reply. I take it you dont know the answer to his question since you replied in such a rude manner, at least you could have made the effort to explain yourself, without going full ******.

If you want a good advice, it would be to refrain from namecalling.

Someone already posted it, but I do believe that the scottish premier league contains the worlds biggest rivalry, "the old firm", without a doubt. Im almost certain that it is the longest ongoing feud in sports as well, dating back to 1888.

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