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Matt Ryan vs Joe Flacco Debate

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If Matt Ryan would of played with Baltimore last year, god knows they could of went to the Superbowl and won. I mean with Balitmore's Stingy Defense with Matt Ryan at the QB spot, that's a scary thought.

If Joe Flacco would of played with Atlanta last year we would of been like 4-12 or maybe 5-11. So enough said Matt Ryan owns Average Joe Flacco. The only thing I think Flacco is better at Ryan is his deep ball, Ryan seems to float his deepballs while Flacco has velocity, but no accuracy.

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This thread can end now.

There is no debate.

Debating is for Ravens fans who are insecure with the QB they have, as promising as he is. (And believe me they do a LOT of ryan vs. flacco thread, even after the season was over)

As Falcons fans we know what we have in Matt Ryan, so there is no need to even speculate.

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They are both good. They both played well. Whats the debate?
BINGO! We have a winner.

I don't think the Raven or Falcon fans are being totally objective about this comparison. I too think these guys are equally as good and should both have long successful careers. Here are a few things I think both fan bases should consider:

1. They both won 11 games as a starter which is excellent for a rookie QB. Flacco won two playoff games as a starter

2. They both were aided by strong supporting units. Ryan by the run game, the Oline, great STs and good receivers. Flacco by a great defense and a great running game

3. Both had major hurdles to deal with. Ryan a team coming off 4 wins with a shaky defense. Flacco being thrown in the starting role in week 1 on a team coming off 5 wins, behind a shaky offensive line with a slightly tougher schedule to deal with

4. They both had similar stats. Ryan 3544 total yards and 17 total TDs. Flacco 3151 total yards and 16 total TDs. Pretty close considering Flacco was pulled early in a couple blow out wins

5. They both tailed off in their last three games with each only having 2 TDs and Ryan getting 4 turnovers and Flacco 5 turnovers

At this point I would say they are pretty equal with a slight edge to Ryan because he started better in the first five games. I think we will be making this comparison for the next 10 years. I believe we should evaluate it after year three and then again after they have completed thier careers

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Flacco is more of a game manager to me kind of like kerry collins last year. matt ryan is a guy that a team can lean on to win them games he is like peyton manning. Look at how bad the colts were before he got thier and now they almost have an automatic ten win season every year. that is who matt ryan is to me

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let's see what happens this year.

Flacco also didn't have to replace Ray Lewis or anything like that.

We all know what Ryan had to overcome to win this fan base over and he did that..... in 11 seconds.

Did Flacco win a game when trailing with 11 seconds left?

That was the game that did it for me..... I liked how Ryan had played before.... but this was the game that told me... we REALLY might have something here.

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