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Observation of last years defense

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I was watching some tape on our Defense from last year and I was suprised how many bad mistakes our veterans Milloy and Brooking made. Now I think Brooking is an outstanding citizen and Milloy a good leader but they really did mess up alot on the field especially milloy. Lawyer would take bad angles, poor form tackling, and terrible coverage. Milloy also was very slow to take down the receiver after the catch. On many other occasions he would just get burned, like in the Arizona game and some of you might not remember this but early in the year vs the Bucs he was matched one on one with their TE the TE simply ran past milloy for a huge gain. As for Brooking he too was slow to run plays to the outside. And in coverage he wasn't much better than milloy. Now my point is that if we get a good OLB like Cushing,Freeman,Lee Robinson and a saftey like Delmas,Chung,Moore,or Johnson our D will be able to stop teams in major situations......... Like on downs 3rd and 16. Thoughts??

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I'm actually quite happy to see Milloy and Brooking away. Milloy made some big mistakes and besides that I really like our young players. Stephen Nicholas and Checis Jackson will really do great. I hope we either get James Laurinaitis or Louis Delmas in the 1st round if we go defense. Offense I think it is pretty clear that we shall go with Pettigrew if we go offense

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you make a great point. I was going to start a similar thread, but to talk about how well guys like Jackson, Decoud and Nicholas played when they were in. Decoud and Nicholas were great in preseason...

I was never a Milloy fan, shame that Brooking was bad for the last 2 years...

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This is a very important draft coming up. Offensively we could use a pass catching TE but there are no free agents and I wouldn't draft one until the 5th or 6th round with all our defensive needs. Special teams we need some bodies and a return specialist (ideally a CB) to take the load and injury risk off Norwood so he can take pressure off Turner (370 carries=LJ a couple years ago when Herm Edwards ran him into the ground).

Defensively, we need a starting calibre NT (Trey Lewis didn't play last year), atleast another impact DT to rotate, a pass rusher, atleast 1 more LB to compete for a starting outside position, atleast 1 CB to compete for a starting spot, probably another for depth, a starting calibre safety, and another depth. Yup. Were in trouble on defense. And we have a much harder schedule and a year of tape of our schemes out there.

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If I was TD on draft day I'd look to trade down from 24 to get an extra Day 1 pick and until we got to round 5-6 I'd take the best available DL/LB/DB then look to TE/Return Specialist/OL. But before that I'd sign 1 or 2 OL and a returner if any are available (havent checked) to 1 year deals, and defensively I'd look to add the followingplayers to 1 year deals, 2 if necessary paying 1-2 million a year salary without big bonuses so that theyre broguht in to compete and add depth and were not handcuffed to deals. Petersons deal (6.5 over 2 years i believe) would be too big of a deal for most of these players.

Anyways of the remaining available FAs id be all for bringing in these guys to compete because we are in serious need of starters and depth on defense. In my opinion the following players are the only ones we can count on that we have on our roster J Abraham, J Babineaux, C Davis, C Lofton, M Peterson, C Houston, E Coleman, with the following question marks that we are depending on T Lewis, J Anderson, S Nicholas, C Jackson, T Decoud. That's a **** of a lot of maybes, with absolutely no depth. If Abraham goes down we won't record a sack. (15.5 of his 16.5 came in our wins by the way).

DE: K Edwards (released by raiders) 6-6 265 29, 8 year vet, 48 hits 5 sacks, 3 stuffs, 1 ff (208/31/37/10) career, the only other pass rusher is Jason Taylor who is 34, did nothing last season and would rather be on tv. Edwards is on the right side of 30, makes plays behind the line of scrimmage against both the run and the pass and is a better backup plan for Abraham than Kroy Biermann. (He can't start)

DT: T Johnson (UFA) 6-3 305 27, 6 year vet, 22 tackles 1 sack 3 stuffs 1 ff (96/12/20/2) carrer, didn't see him play much last year but he did play every game. Got the size to man the nose and the ability to get to the quarterback, could work very well with Babs as cover 2 dts. Young and talented d linemen dont make it to free agency often, tanks problems are well documented, but so is the gaping hole in the middle of our defense. Pay him 2 million dollars for a season and be thankful we don't have kendal moorehead or someother scrub in there.

DT D Robertson (released by Broncos) 6-1 308 27 7 year vet 22 tackles 1.5 sacks (279/16/21/3ffs) career, didn't watch him play but he did play every game. You may wonder why anyone would touch a DT released by the Broncos terrible defense, well they basically paid the same price tag in a desperation trade for him as was paid for Shaun Rogers and Kris Jenkins and the Broncos got burned. Like tank a talented young experienced dt (7 year vet at 27) who can man the nose or make plays in the backfield against the run or pass. A former top 10 pick, never fully lived up to his potential. Like tank sign to a short term deal, possibly with incentives and try to get some production out of them.

An interior rotation of Babineaux, Johnson, Robertson, and Lewis would be a **** of a lot better than what we have now.

LB F Keiaho 5-11 224 26 4 year vet 105 hits 5 stuffs (207/10) career, far too small for my liking and only 1 career pick and pass defensed, however is young, racked up 100 hits last year, could compete for the wlb position with nicholas and be a core special teams player, something you can never have enough of. Pay him 1 million and get some key depth.

Too lazy to type up stats for the rest

CB C McAllister http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/players/profile?playerId=1761

Former #1 Lockdown Probowler Playmaking CB from Baltimore, he's been injured, if he's healthy he'll start opposite Houston and play better than him. If not 100% he can play the nickel at worst, has the size to make plays in the run game and blitz the QB, help out at safety even, and can definately teach our DBs a thing or too about making plays, not to mention coming over from the best and most complex defense in the league can't hurt.

CB M McKenzie


#1 from NO similiar age size and career statistical production as C-Mac, I remember Ocho saying he was the best corner in the division when we had D-Hall, don't have much to say bout him other than I know he's better than Von Hutchins or Brent Grimes or David Irons or whoever. Having multiple good CBs is a good thing.

S R Williams


Mike Peterson is the only player on our roster who is a more established run stopper. An in the box run stuffing safety to play the short zone in the cover 3, keep him close the line of scrimmage and coming downhill where he's comfortable. Play blitzing or coverage LB in the nickel in passing situations. At the absolute worst he's a special teams hitman and and a goal line run stuffer. All of these things are good assets for a football team. Especially one that only has 1 credible DT on the roster.

S M Brown


Vet from chicago has struggled with injuries but if healthy brings good leadership and experience to the backend. (Think Lawyer Milloy minus 5 years and with the ability to make plays in the passing game)

Sloppy seconds: DE J Taylor (WAS) DE V Holliday (MIA), DL A Weaver (HOU), DT D Edwards (BAL), LB D Brooks (TB), CB K Lucas (CAR), CB D Bly (DEN), CB S Rolle (BAL), S D Smith (DET) S W Demps (HOU)

If we could sign all the players i listed above to small 1- 2 year deals id be estatic, even if half of them got beat out by rookies and ended up depth or cut, because having too many players worth having is a lot better than having no depth.

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