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Vick to be in documentary; paid $600k

Mrs. Heatley

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Newport News, Va. — Michael Vick’s agent testified in bankruptcy court today that he expects the NFL to reinstate the imprisoned and suspended Falcons quarterback — hopefully by September for the 2009 season.

Joel Segal also confirmed that he has had several discussions with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the matter. Segal added Vick is capable of delivering on what Goodell wants to see before considering his reinstatement: true contrition for the actions he took that landed him in prison on federal charges related to dogfighting.

“Sometimes back then, Mike didn’t listen to the right people,” Segal testified. But Segal added Vick is “absolutely, completely different” and now shows “true remorse” for his actions.

Segal said Vick has been staying in shape and predicted he could get a multi-million dollar contract with incentives, if he is reinstated in the NFL. Segal said Vick wants to join a team with “strong management” and “veteran leaders.”

“I expect him to play in the National Football League,” Segal said.

Additionally, Segal testified that Vick has agreed to participate in a television documentary for about $600,000. The offer came from a company in Atlanta called Red Bird Entertainment.


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