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How Does The Cutler Trade Effect Our Draft?

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Now that Denver just got Chicagos 1st round 18th pick in the draft how will that effect our pick? With them switching to a 3-4 is it more likely they will go for a Larry English, Cushing, or Matthews? Or will they maybe try to get a true number 1 RB?

Ah , so you don't think Forte is a #1 RB????? :huh:

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they need a QB. Orton go to war with that. no thanks. Unless they think they can wait till next year. they could easily get sanchez; even if they had to trade up. Cassel=USC; Sanchez=USC. Yes, Mcdaniels would think like that. He is obviously not prepared for head coaching.

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I say Denver uses both of there first round picks for defense. They need a DE like Tyson Jackson and could get him with either of their first round picks. Also they were down right pathetic with pass rush so look for them going for a guy like Larry English with the second of the two first rounders.

Also don't be surprised if they go for Moreno with one of these. They could get a DE like Jarron Gilbert round 2 without suffering a huge drop in talent.

Wild card scenario here is Broncos trading up for Sanchez, I seriously doubt this because why would you include Orton in the trade if you planned on just bailing on him??

To answer the question though, it depends. It hurts us in a sense that first round defensive guys will be taken with the Broncos picks. On the other hand the Bears may have taken a guy like Maclin, Nicks, Bey, or Britt that now may fall allowing us to possibly trade down like we all really want to do.

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Denver gets Chi's First and Third this year and gives back their Fifth.

Denver will likely pursue a QB this year and Chi may go after Brian Robs in the Second.

Now at first I would have been against Detroit taking Stafford with the #1 Pick

but as of today Drafting Stafford is a MUST!

Matt Cassel changed the course of an Entire Draft!

and its a Great Day for the Fans of Chicago.

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With all the news about Cushing / Matthews Jr. testing positive for steroids, I see the Broncos passing on them both and selecting Tyson Jackson with the 12th + Larry English with the 18th.

They could go with Sanchez, but I doubt it because Kyle Orton is still a legit QB and fits perfectly for McDaniels' offensive scheme.

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