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By The Numbers

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The following tally was taken from a post in NFL Draft and Free Agency called "College Players who falcons have shown an interest in via Private workouts/visits and Talks/Discussion.

Tally of positions:


OL - 8

C - 4

TE - 5

WR - 2

FB - 1

QB & RB - 0


DE - 4

DT - 2

S - 7

LB - 6

CB - 6

Punter - 1

What can we read into this?

* I'm scratching my head wondering what's going on with DT.

* Safety seems to be a high proirity for defense

* OL seems to be a top priority for offense

* With the exception of Darius Bulter, most CB's were not elite talents.

* LB position had the most potential first rounders.

* We will probably look for a TE in rounds 3-4 based on players brought in.

Based on the above info ... the draft could look like this:

Round 1 - LB

Round 2 - S

Round 3 OL or CB

Round 4 TE

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