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Detailed Battle of Monroe Vs Johnson


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In Clash of the Titans, we’ll take a look at battles between top NFL prospects for the 2009 draft and how the result of those battles sheds light on the future prospects of the combatants.

This installment breaks down the one on one battles of Michael Johnson, defensive end from Georgia Tech, and Eugene Monroe, offensive tackle from Virginia. Monroe is considered a top five pick by most sources, and Johnson is considered a late first to mid second round pick (although one with top five physical tools). Based on the book on each player, we should expect Monroe to be solid, but not spectacular, and we should expect Johnson to have a few stellar plays mixed in with a lot of plays where he’s a non-factor.

Georgia Tech often moved Johnson back and forth between left and right end, so they didn’t square off on every snap. Here’s the results when they did:

First Quarter

(13:47 - 2nd and 8) - Johnson tries an inside rush, then a half-hearted spin move to the outside that Monroe eats up. The Virginia QB patiently goes through his reads and completes a 10 yard dumpoff to the running back when nothing was open. Win: Monroe

(11:56 -1st and Goal) - Johnson goes wide and upfield after lining up outside the tight end, forcing Monroe to use every bit of his kick-slide quickness, and Monroe is up to the challenge. The Cavs have a fade called, but the pass is incomplete because Maurice Covington catches it out of bounds.Win: Monroe

(11:44 - 2nd and Goal) - Monroe and second TE Andrew Devlin double team Johnson on a Cedric Peerman run that is stuffed for no gain. The double team rode Johnson out to the numbers and he was a non-factor in the play. Win: Monroe

(11:07 - 3rd and Goal) - Johnson fakes the rush, but instead covers Cedric Peerman out of the backfield and takes away an option for the QB who is under pressure from a blitz up the gut, and the QB has to throw the ball away. Not a relevant result for Monroe vs Johnson, but still an impressive play for Johnson that might go unnoticed otherwise.

(:41 - 2nd and 2) - Johnson is double-teamed against the run once again, and this time the run is to his side. Monroe lands a good blow and then TE John Phillips gets Johnson pushed downfield, although Johnson recovers and he’s in position to stop the run, but the middle linebacker makes the stop first and holds Cedric Peerman to one yard. Win: Johnson

Second Quarter

(14:21 - 2nd and 11) - Johnson tries to go after Monroe’s inside shoulder when he sets up the pocket, but Monroe extends, lands a punch, and stops his rush. QB Marc Verica completes a nine yard pass on a three step drop. Win: Monroe

(13:44 - 1st and 10) - Monroe kick slides out very deep - about three full strides - as Verica makes a three step drop throw from the shotgun. Johnson tries to push Monroe back into Verica with a bullrush when he finally meets Monroe, but he is unsuccessful. Win: Monroe

(11:23 - 3rd and 9) - On this red zone play, Johnson tries to go inside and gets Monroe off balance, but Monroe recovers and forces Johnson to resort to another spin as Verica throws a 14 yard touchdown to Kevin Ogletree Win: Monroe

It should be noted here that while Monroe is winning most of the battles, Virginia clearly has a game plan for QB Marc Verica to get the ball out of his hands very quickly. Verica has mostly been throwing from the shotgun and mostly on three step drops. Also, even though you don’t think of Johnson as a force against the run, Virginia has made a point of double teaming him on more than one run.

(7:12 2nd and 10) - Johnson gets a terrific jump and is upfield and past Monroe very quickly. Monroe is forced to turn his back to the line of scrimmage and settle for guiding Johnson past the QB, which he does, as Verica lets go another completion on a three step drop from the shotgun. Win: Draw

(6:05 3rd and 12) - Johnson gets upfield quicker than Monroe can mirror him once again - this time Verica’s first read isn’t open, and Johnson flushes him from the pocket. Verica has to throw to a well covered Ogletree and Dominique Reese wins the fight for the ball and records an interception for the Yellow Jackets, assist to Johnson Win: Johnson

(1:35 1st and 10) - Johnson tries to go outside, but the Cavs have called a middle screen to Cedric Peerman that is stopped for a loss. At this point it’s clear that the Yellow Jacket defense is ready for the quick passing game plan. Win: Draw

(1:11 2nd and 11) - Johnson gets around Monroe and hits Verica as he throws an outlet to Peerman, and Peerman busts it for a 19 yard gain because the middle linebacker was slow to recognize what was happening. Win: Johnson , but it’s a merely a moral victory, since the play was successful despite his effort.

(:57 2nd and 10) - Johnson just puts his shoulder down and runs hard into Monroe, then quits. A delayed blitz forces Verica to throw the ball away. Win: Monroe

(:51 3rd and 10) - Johnson comes in fast, but out of control, and Monroe puts him on the ground. Win: Monroe

Third Quarter

(10:55 3rd and 2) - Monroe delivers the blow before Johnson can make a move for the first time. Once again, it’s a quick throw from the shotgun, completed for a first down. Win: Monroe

(7:35 2nd and 7) - Johnson tries to go inside, but Monroe thwarts. Johnson spins to get free outside, but by this time, Verica has been flushed from the pocket by Johnson’s teammates. Win: Monroe

(6:35 3rd and 12) - Johnson gets free upfield and outside of Monroe, but Verica quickly dumps the ball off to Mikell Simpson after his first read isn’t open Win: Draw

(2:52 1st and 10) - Backed up in their own end after they recovered a fumble that stopped Georgia Tech when it looked like they were about to go in for the go-ahead score, Virginia calls a run behind Monroe, and he both walls off Johnson and pushes him downfield. Peerman gains nine yards Win: Monroe

Fourth Quarter

(14:30 1st and 10) - Johnson puts an inside spin move on Monroe, and it works, but then he just jogs and gives up on the play. Win: Monroe

(14:04 1st and 20) - Johnson runs a stunt inside and gets free of Monroe - penetrating to force Mikell Simpson outside on the draw, which picks up seven yards. Win: Johnson

(12:59 3rd and 10) - Johnson blows past Monroe on an outside speed rush. Monroe doesn’t even get his hands on Johnson, but Johnson gets his hands on Verica. Verica steps up calmly in the pocket and completes an 11 yard pass to John Phillips over the middle. Win: Johnson, but again just a moral victory.

(11:32 3rd and 7) - Johnson doesn’t get the jump on Monroe this time, but he handfights well to keep Monroe’s hands off of him, and gets past him upfield. Verica is flushed by pressure inside and doesn’t feel Johnson. Johnson makes the strip-sack, and Georgia Tech recovers. Win: Johnson

(7:30 1st and 10) - Georgia Tech has tied the game on a field goal set up by Johnson’s sack/forced fumble. Verica doesn’t drop from the shotgun, and Monroe effectively lets Johnson’s natural momentum take him upfield and past the quarterback. Win: Monroe

(5:54 2nd and 5) - False start on Monroe, definitely caused by Monroe being antsy after being beaten by Johnson on the last drive. Win: Johnson

(5:07 1st and 10) - Cedric Peerman has led Virginia into the red zone. They call a run on first down and once again double team Johnson, but he beats the double team and tackles Peerman for a loss. Win: Johnson

(3:41 3rd and 9) - Monroe false starts again to get a headstart on Johnson, but it is not called by the refs (although the announcer notices it). Johnson gets free upfield anyway, but it doesn’t matter because the play call is a draw and Peerman somehow gets the first with a dive at the sidelines. Win: Johnson

The Verdict

Even though Monroe won more of the individual battles, the war is a draw, and if the fight had a few more rounds, I’m sure Johnson would have won. Johnson’s biggest flaw was apparent. Sometimes he checked out for no reason, and at times tight ends handled him easily one on one. The Tech coaching staff got so frustrated in the first half that they benched the whole defensive line. Still, there was no doubt that Virginia respected Johnson in their game plan, both in the passing game (lots of shotgun and quick passes) and the running game (constant double teams). Johnson got stronger and more focused as the game went on, and gave his team a chance to win the game with a timely turnover. It just happened that Virginia’s conservative game plan got the ball in the hands of their hottest player, Cedric Peerman, on the last drive, and he led them to the 24-17 win.

This exercise reinforces a few opinions I hold:

1) Johnson doesn’t have to be an everydown menace to be a difference maker. - He was rendered absent by Monroe and the game plan for most of the first three quarters, but by the fourth quarter, he made his presence known, and then Monroe got jumpy. This shows that Johnson’s conditioning is good, and it shows that he can rise to the occasion. A pass rusher only has to have two or three outstanding snaps to change the outcome of a game.

2) Johnson is a truly elite talent. - Remember that he’s 6’7” 266 as he’s burning Monroe with these speed rushes. Monroe will very likely go in the top 5, maybe even #1, and yet Johnson made him not trust his own ability in the most important part of the game.

Just a Day in the Mind of Jaymadd

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Interesting read. I'm still not sure about Johnson. I realize it only takes two or three great plays a game to make a good pass rusher, however, if he can't contain the corner or at least be present for most of the plays then I question if he's really worth our first pick. I guess if TD and Smitty pick him I'll be satisfied. They've seen his tape and viewed him during the practice sessions and surely know a lot more than me.

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Interesting read. I'm still not sure about Johnson. I realize it only takes two or three great plays a game to make a good pass rusher, however, if he can't contain the corner or at least be present for most of the plays then I question if he's really worth our first pick. I guess if TD and Smitty pick him I'll be satisfied. They've seen his tape and viewed him during the practice sessions and surely know a lot more than me.

Honestly i dont think that he will be a everydown DE for us his first year, he would come in on passing downs to go full speed at the QB. He will eventually develop into a EVerydown De, with Coach Ray at the helm

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I have very mixed feelings about him. His physical tools can not be debated by anyone but he will need great coaching to be a force in the NFL. He is probably your prototypical BOOM / BUST pick. I would not be upset if we pick him because I have faith in our coaching staff but he is not by first choice.

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i am sorry no matter how good he can be. He checks out way too often. He might be a decent player to have on your team but not someone to be counted on. Plus i believe he is better suited as a hybrid guy in the mold of Terrel Suggs. I believe if he had his stuff together he would be the second coming of Jason Taylor.

I find it funny how the guy discredits the performance of a tackle who blanked out a top talent guy for most of the game. but i guess an agenda is an agenda.

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I'll trust our draft team to make the right decision - if they think he can be a player they know more than me.

But in my own probably ignorant opinion - you don't want a go with rumored motor/intensity problems on a team competing against another guy with motor/intensity problems - they both look at the other and say "I can outplay him" but then they only do it every other play and they have convinced themselves they are better than the other guy.

And you don't use a 1st round pick to motivate and compete with another 1st round pick.

I also think it's informative that our coaches let a 7th round DE play in Kroy Bierman - an undersized guy but with a motor that always runs in the red. I think they'd rather have an undersized guy trying every play he's in there than a sometime superstar/sometime layout.

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Great post and article. While every DE will get stopped sometimes this shows that Johnson is a playmaker. Pretty impressive breakdown which shows Johnson in a positive light. I don't know if he is the right player for us this draft because of our other needs though.

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Great read....... I saw the game..... Michael Johnson was doubl teamed and ha hasd atleast 4 other QB hurries........ Michael Johnson is a talent..... Eugene Monroe is a top 5 and Michael Johnson did his thing (personaly after seeing the game i think Michael Johnson won)..... Monroe was not a bum but LT is like CB and DE is like WR..... All it take is for the WR and DE to make a couple of impact plays to win the game.

I dont get how Mike Mayock (who i like) ride Robert Ayers nuts on how he played against Andre Smith but he wont give Michael Johnson his dues on how he played Eugene Monroe..... I dont get it

I really like Michael Johnson...... I feel like Coach Hamilton can coach up Michael Johnson.... Michael Johnson will make a big impact in our D

PS. Thomas Dimitroff was at that Virginia vs Georgia Tech game.

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Iffy calling that a draw, it's basically a decision built off what might have happened if football were 6 quarters long with 2 halftime breaks. Giving Johnson a couple of wins or draws on plays that gain 11+ yards or result in critical 1st downs are also iffy calls. But that's their opinion.

Anyway, still not too impressed, of course I've never been that impressed with Monroe either.

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