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Conner Baldwin Would you take Him Or Evander Ziggy Hood At #1 Pick 24th Round?

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Would You think:

1.Conner Baldwin DE, LB, TE Cinncinatti

Conner Baldwin 6-4 256 USA Today Sports Weekly NFL Draft review Called "Versatile all- around will fill a lot of roles for any team. Former tight end moved to defensive end last year and showed great pass rush ability."; (it also stated he ran 40 yard dash time at 4.59. Aaron Curry was timed at 4.52.) make a great First round pick, who could play LB, TE and DE?

2008 stats: 27 Tackles 26 Ast 53 Tackle and Ast 11 Sacks 8 P/D

2007 Stats 9 Games 399 yards 44.3 avg per game 12.9 avg per catch long 38 2 TD

Or would you pick:

2. Evander Hood DT Missouri

DT Evander Hood 4.88 40 yard dash whic h is good for DT?

31 Tackles 31 Ast 62 Tackles 5 Sacks, 2 P/D?

Or Would you Pick

3. Larry English DE Nothern Illinois Huskies

26 Tackles 11 Ast 37 Tackles and ast 8 Sacks 1 P/D?

Or would You Pick Phillip Hunt DE Houston or save him for Later 14 Sacks?

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See signature.

Hey , you can get Purvis as a UDFA, I'm pretty sure he will not be drafted , and I do think we go after him , Plus I bet he wants to come here with Ryan.

1. Ziggy Hood / DT.................Bigger Need

2. Connor Barwin / DE/OLB...Barwin and English are about a tie in my mind. I like them both a lot, but I'd rather go with Britton if we don't go DT.

3. Larry English / DE/OLB

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To be quite honest, I wouldn't take Hood, Barwin, Delmas or Johnson (since somebody mentioned them ... as always) ... if a good OLB drops, I'd take him ... same for Jerry and Pettigrew, but to me the best choice is a trade down (if possible).

Our problem at #24 is that while some positions might be quite deep, the 1st round talent is very limited at our positions of need and I don't consider Hood/Barwin/Delmas/Johnson as 1st round talent. We really have to hope that a very good talent drops ... is no talent drops and we can't trade down, we're in the "bad" position that we would have to reach for a lesser talent (which I would really hate).

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