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Detroit Lions Trying to Be Like Us

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Not really, but I've come around on Stafford going first.

I really think he can be a good QB for them, and if they pace him, he could do very well in the pre-season, and while I'm not sure he should start, him performing solidly in limited snaps could really give that fanbase hope.

And due to them not really needing him to start, as they won't be winning the superbowl next year, they might even be able to get him for a price that is not too much more expensive than Matt Ryan, given the current state of the economy, and the fact that they can let him hold out all he wants, as they aren't going to let him get messed up in the head by being sacked behind their bad o-line.

I think it would be pretty cool/awesome if they turned Detroit into Georgia North.

They take Matt 1st overall, take Knowshon Moreno 20th, the best available LT at 33, and possibly even Massaqoi in the fourth.

I think if you are serious about developing a talented QB, it won't hurt to surround him with an exceptional runningback he is really good friends with, and a pretty reliable number 2 receiver he has played with for years.

If the tackle they pick up does well next year does well, that's great, but if you feel you can upgrade, you move him at right tackle and pick up one of the great LT's that are coming out next year, who I like better than most of the ones this year.

It could even end up that they select Georgia standout Trinton Sturdivant, which might fool Matt into thinking UGA had been drafted into the NFL.

Get the best O-line coach you can, best QB coach, and beg Mark Richt for a copy of that play-book, and get that team's offense cracking.

When you have that many holes everywhere and a fanbase that hates you, I think you have to go offense first, since that puts butts in seats, and you can work on defense the rest of the way. As an added bonus, they would automatically add a whole state (our state) to the fanbase, and create an enormous amount of intrigue about the all Georgia offense.

Matthew Stafford to Massaquoi and Megatron would certainly be a sight, as would Moreno and Kevin Smith as a rushing tandem.

I wonder how Calvin would feel around all of them Dawgs, lol.

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Stafford is like Cutler accept less accurate, more bipolar in game play and less mobile. I do not think Stafford will be a great pro at the very least he is going to need several years to be a good quality NFL QB, to me he is not ready way to wild and inconsistent.

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Detroit took a tackle last season I do believe and if I'm Detroit and it comes down to having Stafford or Cutler it's not even close. I tell Denver they can have my 1st and my 2nd and hope that is enough to get it done.

I am not a big believer in Stafford and I never have been so if I can get a proven QB in Cutler then I do that deal. Young Pro-bowl QB's don't hit the market very often so you try to get this done. The quickest way to upgrade your franchise is to upgrade the most important position on the field and that's the QB.

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and that's another reason stafford will be starting early. you have a city like detroit which is in a region that has been decimated by the economy so it's not going to go over well to have stafford sitting on the bench with the type of contract he is going to get.

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but they did hire what seems to be a great HC. thats a good start, like we did, taking a very tough D coord from one of the best D's in the league.

Id say give their 2nd for Cutler, and draft Aaron Curry.. I think their O is decent, their D is pitiful though

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