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Nobody could possibly say this was racist even if a conservative did it. Not even in nuance or irony....

Well, two things:

1. It's got a monkey in it. Any depiction of a monkey is to be taken as a direct implication that the monkey is, in fact, representative of a black person.

2. 'The President' is being charged with giving the "monkeys" representing GM only 60 days to get their act together with an implied or else. Clearly this is not a fair characterization of Obama as it makes him look like GM's new Overlord which obviously has dark connotations. You can't call Obama dark without being racist.

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Monkey=Racist. Always. I hope whoever drew this gets fired. And killed.

Monkey when referenced to a black person=possibly racist

Monkey on its own=not usually racist

Why attempt to work so hard to be dumb when it comes naturally?.....

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I got to go there. It isn't 'cism in the least bit. If you look at the monkey as being referenced to earlier man, he is saying that he needs the monkey to evolve into an intelligent human being. If you believe in evolution It took well over 10,000 years for man to evolve from apes. It's not funny but it drives home a great point. More less the President is expecting one of the largest American companies to get it right and not be dependent on the Government so they can not add to the bad economy that we are in now.

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Zoos are racist!

The Monkees are racist!

Monkey bars are racist!!

I disagree

Zoos are inhumane but not racist.

The Monkees made terrible music but it's not been proven that they are racist.

Monkey bars are a fun playground tool that helps build physical fitness and upper arm strength in our youth.

But you are able to have your own opinion. I just happen to disagree.

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