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JP's mock draft


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1.DE Robert Ayers - If he's there I think he may be the BPA. I think he's going to be a pretty good DE and is ready to contribute.

2.DT Evander Hood- I like him just a tad bit more than Jarron Gilbert. With Hood and Ayers we have added some much needed depth on the D-lne.

3.SS Chip Vaughn- I really like this guy and think he could be a pretty good player and has put up some nice stats in the ACC. He also ran a faster 40 than Delmas and Smith.

4.TE Cornelius Ingram- Had he played this guy would more than likely be considered the top TE in the class. Great athlete with a knack for coming down with a jum ball.

5. OLB Jason Phillips- Had a good combine and great year at TCU. If Follett is there I'd much rather have him but don't know if he'd last until our pick in the 5th.

6.G C.J Davis- Durable lineman who's also played some center.

7.CB Jacob Lacey- Decent player from OSU. Is graded as a 7th-UFA but looks to be a nice project.

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Like it. Be lucky to get Hood and Ingram in those spots. We do have the Raiders 5th, so Folllet is a possiblity. No need to take a project like Lacey, as we don't draft outside the top 200

Yeah Hood is a projected 1st rounder i doubt he falls to us in the 2nd and I like Follet if he is there in the 5th.

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