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Dimitroff and the Football Factory

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TD said in an interview that he definitely looks at a what types of schools do well a producing certain types of players, so what are some good football factories of recent times?

I realize a few of these are kind of a stretch.


QB Factory examples:Carson Palmer, Matt Cassell, Possibly Matt Lienart, Possibly Mark Sanchez, unlikely John David Booty

LB Factory examples: Junior Seau (ancient ancestor), Keith Rivers, Rey Mauluga (probably) Brian Cushing (probably) Clay Matthews (probably)

Ohio State

WR Factory examples: Ted Ginn (has improved), Anthony Gonzoles, Michael Jenkins, Brian Robinskie (probably)

LB Factory examples : A.J. Hawk, James Laurenitis (probably) Vernon Ghoulston (possibly although may have been better at DE)

RB Factory examples:Eddie George (ancient) Mike Hart (solid when healthy) and Chris Wells (probably)

Miami (Former Factory?)

Fast and/or Aggressive Black People Factory Examples : Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Willis McGahee, Sean Taylor (R.I.P.), Jeremy Shockey (might as well be)

And what about Georgia teams?


RB factory: Herchell Walker (ancient) Garrison Hearst (also ancient) Thomas Brown (will be solid for us), Knowshon Moreno (will be excellent for somebody else), Caleb King (the kid is good and should show it when he runs the show next year)

Random NFL role-player factory: Marcus Stroud, Hines Ward, Reggie Brown, Benjamin Watson

Georgia Tech

Possibly soon to be RB factory: Tashard Choice (felt he was underrated coming out and proved me right) Johnathan Dwyer (will be a beast on your TV on Sundays soon) possibly even Josh Nesbitt lol.

Tall, Fast Black People Named Johnson Factory: Calvin Johnson, Michael Johnson

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