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Has Jay Cutler exploded your Mock Draft? / Falcons Dream Scenario

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I bet Jay Cutler going to a team with a significant QB need, likely a team drafting fairly high, is going to screw up the top of draft, which will work it's way down.

And I also think this is a perfect opportunity to make some major moves to set us up for the future.

Ideal scenario.

Falcons send 2009 1st rounder to Browns

Falcons receive 2009 second rounder (high) and 2010 (likely to be high) second rounder OR Falcons receive 2010 first rounder (may require more work)

Broncos send QB Jay Cutler to Browns

Broncos receive 2009 1st rounder (from Browns) and 2009 1st rounder (via Falcons) OR Broncos receive 1st rounder (from Browns) and Brady Quinn plus 2009 second rounder (Browns have Tampa's second rounder they got for Kellen Winslow)

2009 Draft- (Without Brady Quinn) Broncos select Aaron Curry (via browns), select Mark Sanchez (own pick) and select Ron Brace/Peria Jerry (via Falcons)

They are switching to 3-4, and Curry can help them anywhere on their not-so-hot LB core, Sanchez is from the Pete Carroll line of QBs and I think Daniels may feel comfortable with that due to his experience with Matt Cassell, and they certainly need a good DT as an anchor, and I don't know if Brace lasts till their next pick

2009 Draft (With Brady Quinn) Broncos select Aaron Curry (via browns) select B.J. Raji (if he's there) or Tyson Jackson (own pick) and Ron Brace/ Clint Sintim/ Conner Barwin (via Browns second rounder)

Raji is the best DT out there, get him if he's there and if not Tyson Jackson looks solid at 3-4 DE. If Raji is gone, Ron Brace becomes an option in the second along with solid 3-4 OLB prospects Clint Sintim/Conner Barwin. One should possibly be there in the early second.

What do you think? Sure would be fantastic IMO.

And if you want to know why I'm so hung up on 2010 take a look at the link below.


Those QB's should push some quality talent down to us on draft day.

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