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Australian Pimp Paid Teen Prostitute With Chicken Nuggets


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An Australian man who pimped a 16-year-old schoolgirl paid her with chicken nuggets for having sex with men, a court has been told.

Ronald Vikash Gander, 27, and his 16-year-old girlfriend devised a plan to prostitute a teenage girl so they could afford the weekly $1,050 rent on a serviced inner-Brisbane apartment, the Brisbane District Court was told.

The court was told the girl made $4,500 for having sex with five middle-aged men in June last year.

Gander and his girlfriend used the money for living expenses and paid the girl nothing except for the occasional box of chicken nuggets.

The court was told Gander's girlfriend - who cannot be named - threatened the student, who had run away from home, with eviction if she didn't continue having sex with clients to earn her keep.

Judge Marshall Irwin described the prostitution offences as "sordid".

"The girl was used as if she was a piece of meat ... and your conduct can properly be described as that of a sleaze merchant," Judge Irwin said.

Gander pleaded guilty on Monday to one count each of procuring prostitution with a circumstance of aggravation and knowingly participating in the provision of prostitution with a circumstance of aggravation.

The court was told he had a substantial criminal history of dishonesty offences, and that he was on parole when he committed these offences.

Gander was jailed for six years in 2004 for 15 charges relating to an attempt to pull off a multi-million dollar fraud involving the sale of a Brisbane high-rise building.

That sentence was reduced to five years in 2005 by the Court of Appeal, and Gander was released in 2007.

Judge Irwin sentenced Gander to two and a half years' jail, to be suspended after nine months, for the latest offence.


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Wow....anyone else remember that seen from season 1 of the wire when Wallace and Poot were talking about the guy who invented McNuggets?

Poot: You think the guy that invented these is rich?

Wallace: Who, the nigga that invented these?

Poot: Yeah

Wallace: Sheeeeit, that nigga richer than a mutha**cka

DeAngelo:That n!gga ain't rich, he's probably still in the basement, inventing something to make the fries taste better or some shyt.

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