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Wall's interest in Duke growing?


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Raleigh (N.C.) Word of God senior point guard John Wall and the Duke Blue Devils have had mutual interest for many months now, however, the nations No. 1 overall rated player has had some sense of hesitation when considering Mike Krzyzewski's program. At least that was the case before the 6-foot-4 prospect met face-to-face with the Blue Devils' head coach on Sunday.

Heading into the meeting, Wall always considered Krzyzewski to be a more hardcore, all business all the time type of head coach. Wall always knew that Krzyzewski was well liked by his players, and that he is one of the game's greatest mentors. What he didn't realize, though, was how laid back and down-to-earth Krzyzewski can be. It was this aspect of his visit that truly caught Wall's attention.

"I think he's a great guy," Wall said of Krzyzewski. "It was great to visit with him face to face. Every coach has a good and a bad side, and I always thought Coach K was serious all the time. I always see him coaching, and have never had the chance to see the other side of him. I honestly never thought he had that side of him.

"He's a cool guy. He has that down-to-earth, and easy to get along with side of him."

Due in part to the personality of Coach K that Wall had never seen before, Duke quickly grabbed his attention more than it already had. In fact, Wall said the visit has him thinking much more about the Blue Devils than he has in the past.

"It went good," he said. "Everything went good. We were really connecting with each other. I didn't really ask a lot of questions while I was there, because Coach K was really just telling me what he envisioned and how he saw me fitting in. It definitely helped them, and I am even more interested. It's close to home, they have a great program and there's a lot going on there."

One of the main things that stood out to Wall while he was on campus was how Coach K and the Duke staff plan to use him should he choose Duke.

"They said they want to use me like a Jason Williams type of player," he said. "That's the first time they've really talked to me about that. We watched some film of Jason Williams and they pointed out the things I could be doing. They talked about me pushing the ball up the floor, creating, scoring, getting teammates involved and just everything he did.

"It's exciting to have them compare me to a guy like Jason and to have a possibility of playing that type of role. They want me to come in and help them make a run for a national championship."

Another key component to Wall's interest in Duke is how the coaching staff would approach his desires to go pro after one year in college if the opportunity presented itself.

"He said he would support me in all of my goals and that he wouldn't hold me back from going pro after one year," he said. "He told me that he would do everything he could to prepare me and help me make my dream come true. If I'm not ready to go after one year, then he will do what it takes to keep getting me ready. If there's not a chance for me to make the jump after one year, I'll stay and do what I have to do to get better. He's going to support me either way if I come to Duke."

Also working in Duke's favor is the presence of former AAU D-One Sports teammate Ryan Kelly. Wall has long said that he hopes to be part of a program with a big man that can score the basketball. He knows firsthand of Kelly's abilities, and spoke glowingly about the 6-foot-10 forward's abilities.

"Ryan being at Duke comes into things real good for me," he said. "It plays a role. He can make shots and he's a tough kid. I never knew how good he really was until I played on the same team with him. He is hard to stop on offense, and that's why he led his team to so many wins. Having a guy like him on the team doesn't hurt at all.

"If I came to Duke, I would love to have Gerald Henderson and Kyle [singler] back and playing on the same floor with me. They make plays and make shots. It's always big to have guys like that around you that you can feed off of."

Wall said he will take his official visit to Miami, and then he will begin working toward a decision. He indicated that another visit to Duke in the near future might not be out of the question. Until then, he is waiting to have yet another conversation, this time via phone, on Wednesday with Krzyzewski.

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I dont think he comes to Duke and yeah I agree he'll be in the NBA after 1 season

I don't think he comes either. It's surprising that Coach K is even recruiting him. The one and done guys aren't his type.

On the side it's absolutely insane that the number one recruit in the class that has been interested in Duke for some time is just now getting a visit from Coach K. There's no doubt in my mind that his Team USA obligations hurt Duke's recruiting over the past four years.

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If your not coming to a college to get an education why should a university give u a scholarship that could go to an athlete that is dedicated to the university and stay for at least 3 years??? just go straight to the NBA or Europe.

Because the university's return on the investment they make on you, in this case roughly 50k in the form of a scholarship, is outweighed by what they gain.

The universities aren't doing these guys any favors.

Let's be realistic. People go to school to get an education to get better jobs. If you can get your job after one year why hang around in school?

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Mcroberts was stupid to leave he wanted to leave after year one but Coach K talked him out of it but then he bolted after year 2 anyway and ended up being a 2nd round pick i think and last I checked he was still with the Clippers riding the bench and playing in the D-league

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If your only goal is to get to the NBA than go to the NBA. if you dont want an education and arent good enough to be starting NBA material they should use the D-league. The players that dont want an education and arent quite NBA material can go there. Than we can save room at universities for kids that actually want to learn and get a degree. Not all great athletes are one and done players. NCAA wont drop off too much. That way everyone is happy. 1 and done kids can go straight to the NBA or D-League. Kids that want an education can go to college. and the colleges can still make all there money off of the games.

I don't get the double standard here. Most people I know go/went school to better their career prospects. It was never about the education. You may have gone for an education but I would guess that puts you in the minority.

Going to school is about getting a better job. Who spends thousands of dollars on an education that you could get, if that was your sole goal, by buying the very same books and teaching yourself for a fraction of the cost.

The NBA rule actually says you can either go straight to the league from high school (Lebron) or you can go to college but you have to stay in school for at least a year if you do decide to go that route. You don't have to go to school if you're good enough.

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