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Zach Thomas: Same Dallas Officer Mistreated My Wife

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Dallas Morning News - Linebacker Zach Thomas says that the same Dallas police officer that mistreated Texans running back Ryan Moats, disrespected his wife.

On July 27, 2008, Maritza Thomas was pulled over by officer Robert Powell for an illegal U-turn near NorthPark Center in Dallas.

Thomas was issued five tickets by Powell, four of which were later dismissed. Thomas was handcuffed, placed in the back of a police cruiser, spent about three hours in the Dallas County Jail.

"This in no way compares to what happened to Ryan Moats and his family," said Zach Thomas, who played for the Cowboys last season. "But we wanted to tell our story, not knowing how many others have been affected by Officer Powell. We know the vast majority of the Dallas police force are good and professional people, but this guy just seems excessive."

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Let's see who rushes to defend him now...

not defending him, but when he first pulled Moats, there was no problem with that. It's what he did after he pulled him that was ******** and uncalled for.

As for Zach Thomas' wife.. I doubt she is the first person to be put in a police car or taken to jail over something like an illegal U turn. no one knows the circumstances of that stop.. how she acted, how he acted or how dangerous the situation was she created with the U turn. Just because she is Zachs wife doesn't mean she can't be arrested.

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