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Pat Kirwan NFL.om Mock Draft (The perfect day 1)


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i wouldn't be mad at picking up johnson in the 2nd round if we could trade up for a better spot in the 2nd round i would be all for it he is a beast and if he dosent work out at DE why cant he play LB he looked like he was athletic enough to do it And he's 6'7 do what the jag's do with marcus stroud bull rush the **** outta the line and throw your hands up if you cant get to the ball a lot of QB's are gonna be thrown tipped passes if we do that and if we do put him at linebacker OMFG i feel bad for recivers runing slant routs across the middle

im a reciver im 6'3 i dont wanna be anywhere near him when i catch a pass cuz my A$$ would be knocked the F*&K out

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No way will Micheal Johnson still be on the board at 55, How in the world dose he figure that? But in my mock Gilbert will be avaiable and he is also a great DE.

To be honest I think we will trade down 2 times in this draft , Once in the first rd and once on day 2 . But for practical sake , I'll leave it alone but if we do trade down I think we will take DT Ron Brace with our first pick and then take CB Keenan Lewis with the extra 3rd pick we get with the trade . But if we stay put , here's what I see us doing in this draft and what I'd like to see happen. I think there will be some good TEs we can get after the draft .

1.DT Evander Hood......... 6-3,298,4.97......39BP, 33VJ, last year he had 47 TKL,6 TFL, 4 Sacks and 12 QB hurries.

2.DE Jarron Gilbert...........6-5,287,4.87......30BP, 36VJ, last year he had 47 TKL,22TFL,9 sacks and 3 PBU.

3.DB Chris Clemons.........6-1,210,4.41.....19BP, 38VJ, last year he had the best 3 cone drill at the combine and was the fastest DB.

4.OL Andy Levitre...........6-3,306,5.25..........23BP, He can play all positions on the line , He was one of the most impressive OL at combines.

5.SS Jamarca Sanford....5-11,200,4.43.....29BP, last year 80 TKL, 4TFL, Can you say Bob Sanders Clone? Strongest lb 4 lb player in draft.

5.CB Joe Burnett.............5-10,185,4.42......22BP, 12 INTs in College and is a great KR who had an out standing Senior Season.

6.OLB DeAndre Levy......6-3,232,4.53........20BP, last year he had 65 TKL, 8 TFL, 3 Sacks , Very under rated player for Wisconsin.

UDFA. TE Richard Quinn...6-4,260,4.82........24BP, This TE has great hands and is one of the strongest TE in the draft , Great Blocker.

UDFA. TE Ryan Purvis......6-4,254,4.88.........19BP, Ryan and Ryan back together , They know each other well and had a great season .

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There's no way Stafford falls past the Lions, Rams and Chiefs.

Are you ****ing serious Steve Wyche?


Uh yea he will. If the Lions are dumb enough to pass on Matt, the Rams wont take him cause of the money they have tied up in Bulger. The Chiefs wont take him cause that would make the trade for Cassel look completely stupid. I could definetly see Matt going to Seattle though if he falls that far, with Matt Hasselback(sp) on his way down.

But the rest of that draft looks completely stupid. Michael Johnson in the second, really? Theres no way he makes it that far. I have him going to Oakland in my mock in the first round. As dumb as Dead Al is, he'll make that move for an overrated DE.

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