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What are the players you want the most at positions of need?

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Mine would be:

DT: Ron Brace

OLB: Dannell Ellerbe

S: William Moore / Patrick Chung / Rashad Johnson

CB: Darius Butler / Alphonso Smith / Jairus Byrd

TE: Brandon Pettigrew / Shawn Nelson / Chase Coffman

DE: Michael Johnson / Larry English(Can also play OLB)

You say Ellerbe over Curry? Are you insane!?

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Alll I'm saying man is the cat is in the bag.
How old are ya? D'you have any brain problem?

Dude it's more possible a plain crash than getting Curry.

The guy is TOO GOOD to be at 24.

Either way here are mine:

DT - Jerry, Moala, Miller

OLB - Cushing, Matthews

S - I don't like this safety class

CB - Smith, Moore, Butler, Byrd

TE - Coffman, Casey, Nelson

DE - Ayers, English, Kruger

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DE: MIcheal Johnson :D or Larry English

OLB: Jason Williams & Lee Robinson & Ellerbe too (only because I dont think we will get a LB until the 4th round

DT: Ziggy Hood

S: Rashad Johnson & William Moore

CB: Macho Harris (get fit for our scheme)

TE: Shawn Nelson

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And here is mine BTW.

TE - Brandon Pettigrew

LB - Jason Williams

S - Louis Delmas

DE - Michael Johnson

DT - Sammie Lee Hill

CB - Sean Smith

Some of them are later rounders but I those are my favorite prospects at position of need and Pettigrew is my favorite prospect overall!

Please pick BP in the 1st ;)

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