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We Should Really Consider This Player In The First Round

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We have heard rumblings that the team would like to upgrade the secondary. And with DeCoud looking to have a chance to start a S in the first round might be a bit too high. Linebacker could also be addressed in the 2-4 round. Then our next need would probably be CB or DT. Let me say that I think Ole Mississippi is more of a UT IMO and not a true NT, plus we just payed UT Jonothan Babineaux alot of money. So that leaves more tham likely CB. With Malcolm Jenkins being a bit of a tweener and Vontae Davis having his football smarts and intngibles questioned we should take the best PURE corner in the draft and IMO that woulld be...

Connecticut CB Darius Butler


First off he is a freak athlete...

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Here is a scouting report:

Height: 5-11, Weight: 181

Strengths: Good natural athlete with long arms...willing to press receivers at the line of scrimmage...has good quickness and can handle speedy receivers in space...has shown flashes where he can make big plays...good kick returner....sees plays develop well...experienced...shows the ability to recover well...going to be a good fit in the right scheme...

Weaknesses: Could be a little stronger to improve his pressing ability...suffered some injuries while at UConn...willing to support the run but needs to improve his tackling ability...did not have the type of senior season you would want...gets a few too many penalties...

NOTE: Almost all of his weaknesses can be fixed with coaching

Overall: Darius Butler has the look of an NFL corner and has played like one at times, but you wish his production was a little bit more consistent. He missed several games as a senior with a knee injury but he has the natural ability to succeed in the NFL, especially if he is able to add more strength. Despite being a four year starter, he is going to be a player drafted more on his ability than outstanding collegiate production, but is the rare type of corner who looks comfortable on an island with a receiver.

Another scouting report:

Strengths: Good height and athletic build with room to bulk a little in the weight room ... Very instinctive; reads and reacts without hesitation ... Very fluid hips; nice body control ... Has the recovery speed and initial acceleration you look for; no questions athletically ... Competitive and plays with a swagger ... Anticipates routes in press man coverage ... Physical and can play bump-and-run ... Smart ... Three-year starter and has experience ... Solid work ethic ... Will be a better pro than college player ... Outstanding Senior Bowl week in Mobile ... Lots of undiscovered potential.

Weaknesses: Needs to put forth more effort against the run ... Soft tackler and needs to do a better job of reading an opponent's hips, key in, and explode through in regards to tackling technique ... Should have produced more interceptions; ball skills need to be closely evaluated ... Lacks awareness in zone.

Summary: I am not lying here; I am confident Butler goes off the board much higher than people expect in that 14-24 range. Do not overlook this talented player just because he does not have the Internet hype of Jenkins and Davis.

Player Comparison: Asante Samuel. Same build. Similar skill set, but Samuel has better ball skills, which Butler can improve.

NOTE: TD scouted Asante!

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not enough lead in his pencil(183 pd's) for me in rd one. if we traded out of rd one and got him around the same area as houston that would be ok. they are the same, good coverage non factor vs the run. not physical or sure tacklers. i know we go for the 5-10 185 pd CB's which he pretty much is, but i have always preferred the 5-11 190 to 6-0 195 variety. houston, butler, huthins, and grimes are nichel backs. if you are small you have to play big or excell at coverage. antoine winfield and asante samuel are two guys i like despite their size.

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2 things...

Ball skills are more instinct than something that can be taught....either you make plays on the ball, or you dont.

And how many pro players are better pros than they were college players?

1...and thats Willie Parker, which is like a freak story

antonio gates. alge crumpler. m.colston. tom brady. jamal anderson #32. Brent Grimes.

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