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i feel comfortable

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i am not worried about this draft at all. We have some team needs and i believe we can address them all in the draft every easily. Actually in some cases it works in our favor, i think we can address S, TE, OLB and OL depth later in the draft. And come away with potential starters or atleast rotation people. And with any luck, a later round gem. I think because of the big run on tweener DE\OLBs because everyone is going 3-4. The true OLBs will be around late. I think the same goes for S and O line. I think everyone is going to be going after these sexy picks in the 1st and then try to go after the REAL needs in 2. We might even mess around and get some 1\2 graded players in the 3. I believe that will happen. I have faith in the MS\TD connection. I am just excited to see who we come out with. I think my next falcons jersey will be one of the guys this year especially if we get a good DB or OLB. I was thinking about getting a Lofton but i might go with a Saftey if we get one of the guys i like which there are quite a few.

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