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CB , Safeties, Defensive Backs and Tight Ends


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Jermaine Gresham TE Had outstanding stats for Oklahoma Last Year

Pettigrew Okla St had almost as many Yards Per Game.


Trimane Goddard N Car 7 int

Darcel Mcbath Tex Tech 7 int

Michael Hamlin Clem 7 int

Paul Anderson Boston College 6 int

Darrell Stuckley Kan 6 int

Danial Charbonnet Tex Tech 5 int,

Troy Nolan MiSt 5 int

Otis Wiley 4int

M. Mclinton

Bo Mcnalley

Kevin Petterson W For Kingsland Ga 4 int

Tyrell Herbert

David Bryruta

Ryan Hamilton

Louis Delmas

Kendrick Lewis Miss

All Above Safties had more than 4 Interceptions for College team as seniors.

1 Jarmarcus Sanford Safety Mississippi had 56 Tackles 26 Ast 82 Total 1 Sack Top for senior safety

2 Justin Garrett Mo. had 51 Tackles 38 Ast 89 total 6P/D

3 J.C. Neal 46 Tackles 34 Ast 80 Total;

4 Quinton Moore 46Tackles 24Ast 70 Total 3 P/D

5 Darien Stewart 45 Tackles 19 Ast 64 Total 2 Sacks 8 P/D

Syd Quan Thompson DB

Taylor Mays USC Safety.

Cornerbacks: Interceptions

Kevin Sanders UAB (Sr) 7, Alphonso Smith Wake Forest 7 , Victor Harris Vir Tech 6, Myron Lewis Vand 5 ,

Glover Quinn New Mexico 5, Kyle Wilson Boise St 5, Woodny Turenne Louisville 5, Walter Thurmond CB Ore 5 interceptions,

Jarius Byrd CB Oregon 5 Interceptions, Patrick Chung only one interception, but it was returned for a touchdown, Stoney Wilson S. Carolina 4 interceptions, Lydell Sargent PSU 4 , Kurt Coleman Ohio State 4 int, Marquis Hundley Ariz 4 int, Keenan Lewis Ore St 4 interceptions

Cornerback Tackles:

Wopamo Osaisai Senior CB with 46 Tackles 21 Assists 67 Total 8 P/D

Asher Allen UGA 44 Tackles 9 Ast, 53 Total 1 Sack 7 P/D

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