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T.I. sentenced to one year

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That is crazy, him not having a gun or protection,

he would last less than a year in his neighborhood!

two of his buddies got shot right before he was step up too

The guy is a **** millionaire, he shouldn't have been living in a **** hole neighborhood to begin with.

The fact that peoples' love for da streets is greater than their love for da gane is a disturbing notion.

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Why?...because I called out a racist stereotype?

I have never seen T.I wear his pants below his azz and im pretty sure bad newz has not seen it either

Exactly. He just wear his boxers up really high. <_<




Why you shouldn't make ridiculous statements when you don't know what you're talking about.

Rappers wear their pants below their ***, why would you attempt to even convince someone that that isn't a fact?

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